Most Effective 5 Best Ladder For Painting High Ceilings In 2023

A high ceiling is the toughest place to reach for a regular ladder. In case of cleaning spider waves or painting or installing a fan on the ceiling needs a special kind of ladder support. Though extendable ladders might be suitable sometimes.

But it is not safe for the rider to work at that height on an unsafe ladder. It is best to use a tall ladder for high places. Because high ladders are designed for working on top places like ceilings.

You may get confused while selecting the best ladder for painting tall ceilings. Here I will walk you through how you can select the best one for you.

A short answer of what are the best ladders for painting high ceilings is:

There are 5 best ladders for painting high ceilings, given below:

  1. Little Giant Skyscraper 17 For Painting ugly ceilings
  2. Werner 12 Step Ladder For high ceiling painting application
  3. Louisville 16 FT Tall ladders for high ceilings
  4. 21 Foot Gorilla Ladder
  5. Multi Purpose Scaffolding

But if you want to paint as usual ceilings you can buy step ladders for painting it easily.

Little Giant Skyscraper 17Height of 17 feet and a minimum height of 5 feet.65 pounds.aircraft-grade aluminum300 pounds.
Werner 12 Step LadderHeight: 12 feet
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 32.5 inches
29 poundsAluminum300 pounds.
Louisville 16 FT Tall ladders‎192 Inches81 PoundsFiberglass‎375 Pounds
Gorilla Ladder22 ft36.9 lbsAluminum300 pound
Multi Purpose Scaffolding‎74.62 x 29.87 x 75 inches-‎138 pounds‎Steel

1,000-Pound capacity, 29-Inch wide

Author Top Picks of The Best Painting Ladders High Ceilings

1. Little Giant Skyscraper 17 For Painting High Ceilings

Little Giant Skyscraper 17 is a strong best ladder for painting high ceilings. It is made with aerospace construction metal. That build makes it stable and durable. Skyscraper 17 can carry 300 lbs weight in full extension. You can use it for your ceiling painting. Check the latest price here.

2. Louisville 16 FT Extension Ladder Painting High Ceilings

Extension ladder is a perfect tool that provides good service during a painting job. Louisville 16 ft extension ladder can be your wise choice if you want multi position painting support. Check the latest price here.

3. 21 Foot Gorilla Ladder For Tall Ceiling

This gorilla ladder can give you support to 21 feet. If you have a tall ceiling you can be pleased with its height support. This ladder can carry 300 lbs weight in any mode. You can adjust this ladder into 28 telescoping positions. Check the latest price here.

Facts To Consider While Choosing A High Ceiling Ladder

Finding an absolute ladder for high ceiling is not an easy job. You have to consider important facts before selecting. Otherwise, you will face plenty of problems working in high places. Here I have explained the most important fact that you must consider before choosing a high ladder.

The Height And Reach Of The Ladder 

Height is the essential part for being the tall ladder for high ceilings. The math is simple and clear.

If the ladder can’t reach the high ceiling then you can’t clean or paint that area. On the other hand, if you can then the attempt won’t be safe for you. On the contrary, choose an indoor ladder for high ceilings wisely.

The Right Ladder Weight

Every ladder has a duty rating. That rating indicates how much weight a ladder can carry. There are four types of ladders duty ratings. The type 1AA indicates the maximum capacity of carrying 375 lbs.

Type 1A can carry a maximum of 300 lbs. Type 1, 2, 3 can periodically carry 250 lbs, 225 lbs, and 200 lbs. The duty rating is calculated by the rider’s body weight and the thing he or she is carrying.

So, it is important to choose the right ladder that could carry your body weight.

Every ladder has this duty rating so that customers could see that before buying. However, high ladders are not only for ceiling cleaning or painting jobs.

You can use them to do other ladder-related tasks like paint stairwell, cleaning roofs, installing lighting fixtures, etc.

So, select the ladder that can take the maximum weight with safety and can be used in various tasks.

Best ladders to reach high ceilings For Painting

You will find plenty of tall ladders that are used in the painting of high ceilings. But here I have reviewed the 5 best ladders for high ceilings.

1. Little Giant Skyscraper 17 For Painting ugly ceilings

Little Giant Skyscraper 17
Little giant Ladder

Little Giant is a great ladder company who knows how to fulfill customers’ demands. They have built this skyscraper ladder with 6005-T5 aluminum. This type of material is used in aerospace construction. So it is a strong ladder for working in any circumstance.

Painting ugly ceilings is a hard job for traditional ladders. But skyscraper 17 made the hard job easy and safe. It is an adjustable stepladder with a portability feature.

So, you can move or take this ladder where you need a scaffolding system or an electrical lift.

Ceilings are not the only high place where we need ladders. We need to use ladders in auditoriums, churches, high vaulted ceilings, gymnasiums, and homes. Skyscraper 17 can reach 17 ft and can hold 300 lbs.

That height allows this wide steps ladder to work at a maximum of 17 ft height. This maximum height capability undoubtedly makes the ladder for vaulted ceilings friendly.

However, this ladder is highly adjustable. So you can work any obstacles like benches and stadium seats in a-frame configuration.

Little giant skyscraper 17 meets all the OSHA and ANSI standards. It comes with 5 years of warranty and versatility.

You don’t have to worry about at least five years. In a nutshell, this ladder is different from all the traditional stepladders. It has all the supporting features that a ladder for a high ceiling could have.

Our Verdict

This best little giant ladder skyscraper 17 was built with high-class aircraft-grade aluminum material. It is strong and suitable for working at a minimum of 17 ft height.

So, you can clean or paint your ceilings without any problem. On the other hand, this ladder is adjustable and portable. That means you can use this tallest little giant ladder anywhere with or without obstacles.

2. Werner 12 Step Ladder For Painting high ceiling application

Werner 12 Step Ladder For Painting high ceiling
Werner 12 Step Ladder

Step ladders are a great option for working in high places. It is lightweight and easily adjustable. You can change the position at any time without spending less effort.

That is the reason why I have added this a-frame ladder to the list for the best high-ceiling painting application. However, Werner 12 step ladder is a champion of its kind. It is a heavy industrial ladder that is made with fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum.

The ladder rails are made with fiberglass, EDGE bracings are made with plastic. On the other hand, the steps and step braces are aluminum-built. 

This Werner multi purpose ladder is a type 1A ladder that can hold 300lbs in both legs. It can reach a maximum of 12 ft. So if you want to work in residence then it is a perfect choice.

This ladder might be an overwhelming choice for installing or fixing bulbs in auditoriums. Because it will not be a wise choice for that kind of height. However, this compact step ladder is non-conductive.

It has HolsterTop features that provide additional support for holding tools on top of the ladder. That feature helps hold tools while working on basement ceilings for installing new light or cameras.

Our Verdict

It is compatible with low and high places because of the height. You can use this werner multi position ladder in professional residential work.

It is made with strong fiberglass rails with aluminum steps and step braces. This ladder has an extra feature on the top to hold essential tools. In the case of heavy-duty work, Werner 12 can be your wise choice.

3. Louisville 16 FT Tall ladders for high ceilings

Louisville 16 FT Extension Ladder

Step ladder and extension ladder are made with different styles to do the same work. But that is not the point. The point is which ladder can help us do the task with proper safety.

The extension ladder is a good competitor in the best high ceiling ladder competition. However, the Louisville ladder 16′ aluminum ladder is a type 3 ANSI-rated ladder.

The build material is aluminum which makes it lightweight. Lightweight items are best for moving in the moment of heavy working projects. 

The Louisville ladder reached the maximum of 16 ft height and Louisville ladder is the best for 2 story house too. This ladder features O-shaped rungs.

The round-shaped or O-shaped rungs have an advantage. While you are standing on the rung, it will provide the same grip from every angle.

So, you don’t have to worry about standing on the rung. It has slip-resistant rubber feet that are stuck on any surface.

The best part of using an extension ladder is that you can adjust the height of the ladder. So, you can comfortably work in any application without any problem.

This 16 ft Louisville extension ladder can carry a maximum of 200 lbs weight. So, don’t use it if you weigh much more than that. Otherwise, the ladder won’t be able to hold you up and you can get ladder-related injuries.

Our Verdict

Ladders that reach high places without any trouble are good for painting tall ceilings. Louisville 16 ft extension ladder is one of the few of them.

It is lightweight and can hold 200 lbs. The ladder legs are slip-resistant and different height-adjustable.

So, you can use it anywhere, including painting your high ceilings. So, you can consider buying it if you like using an extension ladder instead of a platform or step ladder. 

4. 21 Foot Gorilla Ladder

21 Foot Gorilla Ladder

Multi-position ladders are the game changer to the residential and industrial ladder-related working. With a single ladder, we can do various tasks. That type of ladder saves our time and money.

However, the 21 foot gorilla ladder is a popular multi position ladder. It can change into five positions. The positions are double-sided twin stepladder position, 90 degree, extensions, staircase, and 2 scaffold system based position.

If you buy this ladder you will be blessed with 28 telescoping height-adjustable features. So you can not only use this ladder for indoor use but also you can use it on any outdoor event. 

This gorilla ladder is lighter but strong for working in a tall position. It has extra-large MPXA hinges that ensure flexible and safe climbing.

This is a type ia certified ladder that can give you a minimum of 12 ft and a maximum of 21 ft height at different positions.

It also has a high-class safety speed lock in the extension position. Both ladder legs are expandable with only one hand. So you can tell that this ladder is super easy to use in any position. 

You just only have to make sure all the safety locks are locked while climbing on it. The extension and 90-degree position are best to reach high places.

In case of painting or cleaning your home ceilings, you can use this multi-position ladder. You can use this gorilla ladder to do other ladder work for a long time after completing the ceiling painting task.

Our Verdict

A multi-position ladder-like 21-foot gorilla ladder is a long-term wise investment. You can use this ladder in various projects.

It is best to buy a single ladder that can do separate tasks. A 21-foot gorilla ladder can carry 300 lbs weight and can reach 21 ft. It is a combo that comes in one package. 

5. Multi Purpose Scaffolding

Multi Purpose Scaffolding -best ladder for high ceiling

The best part of a scaffolding ladder is it has a strong platform. Painting high ceilings without scaffolding is really tough. Especially work like painting needs that type of platform to place painting materials near hands.

  • Platform Step Ladders:
    • Ideal for Painting Ceilings: These ladders are perfect for reaching high ceilings and painting them, thanks to the wide range of heights they come in and the added bonus of a platform at the top. The platform allows you to stand comfortably and safely while painting, making the task much more manageable.
    • Versatile: Platform step ladders are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, from changing light bulbs to hanging curtains.
    • Safe and stable: The platform provides additional stability and safety, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
    • Durable: Platform step ladders are built to last, and made from durable materials that can withstand heavy use.

Our Verdict

This pro series GSSI multi-purpose scaffolding ladder reaches 6 ft height from the surface. It also has a heavy-duty platform that can hold almost 1000 pounds. So, you can use it for painting your ceilings with long-handed painters.

The platform will hold all the accessories that are needed for completing the painting task. It also has four rolling casters with safety locks. So you can move the ladder from one place to another. In a nutshell, this multipurpose ladder will do your work.

Tips To Consider While Buying Best Ladder For Painting Ceiling

There are some important things you have to follow before buying outdoor or indoor ladders for high ceilings. 

What Material Makes Up The Ladder? 

We know that the main role of a ladder is to carry the weight. If the ladder becomes unable to carry loads then there is no need to buy it.

So, the load capacity is an essential part of ladder building. However, there are three main materials that are used to build ladders. Though we are most familiar with the aluminum ladder. But those are also made with fiberglass and wood. 

Ladder Safety and Stability

Every year plenty of ladder-related accidents happen all over the world. We can easily reduce the risks by following safety terms. Safety and stability is an important fact for a ladder. So we need to check the ANSI and OSHA approval level to ensure safety.

Stability depends on the material built and the safety design of the ladder. Without a safe and stable ladder, you might face accidents very often.


Buying a perfect ladder is a one-time investment. No one will be interested in buying a new ladder every six months. So, you have to remember that in your mind while buying a ceiling ladder.

Make sure the ladder you are going to buy lasts durable for a long time. In that case, fiberglass and aluminum built will be best rather than wood. So consider buying aluminum and fiberglass ladder in case of long-term durability.

Types (Dual or Single Side)

Which side of the ladder is best for you depends on your task. If you need a telescopic ladder then an extension ladder will be good for you. You can use a multipurpose ladder for that but it will be less productive.

However, a dual-sided or two-person ladder is better than a single-sided one. Because you and your friend could work at the same time on the ladder.

So the task will be completed fast and secured. If you are looking for a solution where you can work simultaneously then a dual-sided ladder is the best option.

Portability And Storage

Using portable ladders is the best way to paint high ceilings. It moves in any place so you don’t have to worry about moving the ladder from one place to another.

You can only use this helpful feature if you buy a lightweight ladder.

Aluminum and fiberglass ladders are lightweight and ensure portability. On the other hand, high ceiling ladders are easy to store.

Especially the version that comes with the folding or scaffolding design. It might take some storage space though.

Tips To Stay Safe While Using Ceiling Ladders

There are a couple of ways to ensure the safety of high ceiling ladders. A high ceiling is a hard place to work on.

There is always an accidental situation if you don’t follow the safety precautions. First of all, you will need to ensure that the ladder is installed properly.

After that, inspect the whole ladder to check if there is anything misplaced or faulty.

Wear safety gloves and industrial boots to ensure slip resistance while climbing the ladder rungs. You have to check and follow every safety fact to paint high ceilings. Otherwise unwanted things may happen. 

Ceiling Painter Tools & Accessories:

Werner Leg Leveler

Werner Leg Leveler ceiling painter tool is an ANSI-certified leg leveler. It works best on aluminum and fiberglass ladders. It gives 8-1/2 inch adjustment benefits.

It is easy to install and capable of heavy industrial use. So, you can undoubtedly use this leveler to level the legs of your ladder on uneven surfaces.

Painter Ladders Platform/Painting Ladder Platform

Painting Ladder Platform is a work platform that can hold 330 lbs. You can use it as a step stool for any kind of work. This ladder platform is aluminum-built and portable.

So you can use it for your step ladder platform. It is the best service provider for the DIY mood. You can take this stool for using a platform for placing foods while outdooring with kids. So, we can call this a multi-use ladder platform.

Little giant ladder work platform

While working on a painting project, we need to carry some items with us. It is painful to carry all the things while painting in a high place. Little giant ladder work platform comes here to reduce the pain.

However, it is a platform that is used to give support for tools and other accessories. You can also stand on it in case of stability. This work platform weight capacity is 375 lbs and maintain a better angle for balance. 

Little giant telescoping plank

Telescoping planks are used to make a strong and stable wide platform. That platform is needed while painting walls or high ceilings. This Little giant telescoping plank is an aluminum plank. So it is lightweight but strong.

It can hold more than 500 lbs in general. It has three different sizes. So you can adjust the plank for two people to work at the same time.

If you want to use a scaffolding ladder then use this plank to make your multi-position ladder into a platform ladder. 

Paint tray

The Paint tray is an important part of a painting. It is used to hold paint or stain. Paint tray is a must have tool for a professional painter job.

It needed more while painting tall places like ceilings. This paint tray can carry one gallon of paint.

It has a built-in paintbrush that you can use in case of an emergency.

You can carry it with you or can lock it on the top step of the ladder. In a nutshell, it makes the tall place painting or exterior painting job easier and more comfortable.

Why do you need a tall ceiling ladder?

Other techniques, such as scaffolding, are expensive compared to this. So, why would you need to purchase a scaffold if you only have to climb your ceiling once or twice throughout the rest of your life?

They may also be tough to utilize if you are not a professional since they need you to create them from scratch. As a result, why should you go with a high-ceiling ladder? Consideration points are outlined below.

Very much safe to use

Your safety on the ladder is always foremost in your mind when you want to get on a ladder. Traditional ladders are precarious to use when you want to clean or paint those high ceilings.

You’ll be forced to stand on the final three rungs of a conventional ladder, which is extremely dangerous and may result in ladder accidents at any time. However, long, simple-to-use high ceiling ladders are available. They provide safe and simple access to the ceiling without jeopardizing your safety.

They offer more versatility in terms of height

Allowing you to use the higher rungs without ever having to climb higher. As a result, these ladders allow you to operate at a position that feels most natural to you, while also giving you more range over the ceiling.

For Painting, Repainting or Cleaning High Ceiling Ladders are Very Easy to use

A scaffolding system is a good example to consider. But, of course, unless you’re a pro, it isn’t easy to put together. Worse yet, whenever you want to shift to a new location, you must rebuild it!

The use of high ceiling ladders, on the other hand, is as simple as a, b, c. It’s as simple as climbing a tall ceiling ladder. The ladder may be moved anywhere you want, aside from being adjustable in height. They’re lightweight and come in a variety of sizes for easier portability.

Conclusion For Painting High Ceiling Ladder

A ladder is an important part of our daily life. Especially if we are living in our own house. This device helps us solve so many problems in our houses. For 1 story house check here and For 2 story house ladders go through the link

Moreover, every ladder variation has a different type of purpose. We often get confused about which one will be perfect for us.

In that case, I have created this article to help you find the best equipment for painting high ceilings. In my opinion, you can consider buying a ladder that meets your requirements.

Especially the height, weight, material, and stability are the key to identifying your best ladder for high ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size ladder do I need for a 20 foot ceiling?

Height to Ceiling Ladder size
(extra 3-foot above)
9-foot max16-foot
9 to 13 feet20-foot
13 to 17 feet24-foot
17 to 21 feet28-foot
21 to 25 feet32-foot
25 to 28 feet36-foot
28 to 31 feet40-foot
# Right Stepladder HightLadder size
8 feet4-foot
9 feet5-foot
10 feet6-foot
11 feet7-foot
12 feet8-foot
14 feet10-foot

What size ladder do I need to paint ceiling?

You’ll need a Type 1AA if you weigh 300 pounds and just want to paint the ceiling. You may use a light duty or type 111 ladder if the weight is just 100 pounds wet and you’ll be painting.

Ladder HeightMaximum Reach

How tall of a ladder do I need for a 15 foot ceiling?

  • Buy a 16-foot ladder if you need a 15-foot reach. Use a 9-foot horizontal support point to use this ladder.

How tall of a ladder do I need for a 12-foot ceiling?

  • Buy an 8-foot ladder if you want a 12-foot reach.

How to select a durable ceiling ladder?

The first thing you need to do is to determine the purpose of your ceiling ladder. Some ladders are designed for specific tasks, such as access or painting high ceilings.

Once you know what you need your ladder for, it will be easier to select the right one for the job.

Another important factor is weight and size. Make sure that your chosen ladder can handle the weight and size of objects you plan on using it with.

Be sure also that both height and width are adequate; a too-short or too-wide ladder may not fit in some spaces easily or be stable when used. 

Ladders come in a variety of heights, so find one that will work with the space you have.

Width is also important; some ladders have narrower feet than others, so check to make sure it will fit before purchasing.

First, consider your intended use for the ladder. Do you need an access ladder for getting up high or do you plan on painting ceilings?

Second, look at weight and size. Ladders range in weight from around 20 pounds to 50 pounds, so find one that is comfortable for you to carry and can accommodate your objects.

Third, select a height that will fit in your space and be stable when used.

Finally, make sure width is adequate; some ladders have feet that are narrower than others which may not fit in all spaces.

Can You Lean A Ladder Against A Vaulted Ceiling?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the vaulted ceiling configuration, the type of ladder and your safety precautions.

In general, leaning a ladder against a vaulted ceiling is not recommended because it can damage or start pulling down the vaults.

A better solution is to find an appropriate spot for your ladder and have someone hold it in place while you work. Get some tips for painting while on a ladder before start your job or DIY.

It is also important to take into account the weight of your items. If you are using a heavy ladder, make sure that it can handle the extra weight.