Top 9 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders In 2023

Many people question the need for the best pool ladders for above ground pools as most pools come with pre-installed ladders. The durability and the stability of these ladders often raise questions.

That is why we bring you the best pool ladders for above-ground pools to ensure your safety. Good pool ladders are an essential upgrade for your backyard pool no matter what you think.

Above-ground pool ladders come in all shapes and sizes to suit your style. We bring you the best above-ground pool ladders.

Are you confused about which one to pick? Don’t worry because we bring you our top picks to pick the best above-ground pool ladder for yourself.

Our Top Picks From The Best Pool Steps

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  • The Blue Wave NE115 is an all-rounder as the best pool ladder for above ground pool.
  • It has all the features that you can ask for and provides a sturdy and safe use for you and your children. 

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  • It is much more durable
  • This is A-Frame above-ground pool ladder where the Vinyl Works.
  • It will last you long and can easily take your weight.
  • An investment that you won’t regret.

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  • The Majestic Wedding Cake Step is very sturdy
  • It improves the overall look of your pool.
  • The anti-floatation features that it has will also keep the ladder in place and prevent it from moving.

Why Do You Need An Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ladder? 

Above-ground pools have been cited as a major reason for 10,000 ER visits due to injuries or other accidents. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recommended all above-ground pool users install ladders if their pool has a depth of more than 5 feet. Other than that ladders are still required to enter and exit a pool.

The walls of an above-ground pool aren’t strong enough to take anyone’s weight. Swimming decks are used to get inside a pool but still a ladder is required to get out.

As highlighted before, a ladder also works as a safety tool for anyone who might end up getting hurt inside the above-ground swimming pool.

The 9 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladders

We have already provided you with the list of our top picks that have some of the best above-ground pool ladders you can get in the market for your pool. You can check here for boat ladders

Here we will be providing you with more information on each product one by one together with its good sides and bad sides too if availble:

1. The Bestway 36” Pool Ladder (58334E)

Bestway Above-Ground Pool ladders are durable and rust-proof ladders providing you easy access to and from pools. The weight of the item is 14.24 lbs and it comes with a metal frame made with galvanized steel that provides a durable and rust-free ladder for you to use for years.

Special Features:

  • The steps on the ladder come with anti-slip plastic covering to provide extra grip for your wet feet.
  • Bestway ladders are very affordable compared to other above-ground pool ladders in the market.
  • They’re cheap and durable, allowing you to get the work done easily.
  • The Bestway Pool ladder weight limit is up to 200 lbs and is only suitable for pools that do not have a height of more than 36” (3 feet)

Our Verdict

The Bestway pool ladder might look simple but it does its job pretty well. It is affordable and durable. If you have a budget shortage you can go for it.

2. Blue Wave NE115 Neptune A-Frame

Blue wave heavy-duty in-pool ladder for above-ground pools. This heavy-duty pool ladder has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is said to be a hybrid between a ladder and a step, providing ease while climbing it.

The steps have anti-skid treads providing ample grip for a swimmer’s wet feet. This blue wave pool ladder also has side wings for its steps, just so that children do not get stuck between the steps.

Special Features:

  • The rails of the ladder are designed to provide an easy grip for children as well.
  • It has an overall build of rugged resin which is U.V. protected and maintenance-free.
  • It comes with adjustable heights allowing you to use it for pools with varying heights from 48 inches to 56 inches
  • The other is the self-closing gate in the outer side of the ladder which restricts people from getting inside the pool if you don’t want them to.

Our Verdict

Blue wave above-ground pool ladders have always been known to be sturdy while also having very decent pricing. This blue wave heavy-duty pool ladder is perfect for you if you have a pool that has a height of more than 3 feet. A must-buy. 

3. Intex Above-Ground Pool Ladder 52-inch

A simple pool ladder with no fancy features. The Intex pool ladder 52 inches is perfect for all above-ground pools that have a height of fewer than 52 inches. It comes with a steel frame and plastic steps.

Even though previous versions had issues with stability, this edition has been improved to some extent. The Intex Above-Ground Pool ladder is easy to set up and use.

Special Features:

  • It has a weight limit of 300 lbs but customers have complained that the ladder wobbles whenever an adult stands on it. 
  • The platform on top of the ladder is also not very durable.
  • In terms of durability, this ladder is sure to last long thanks to its anti-corrosion paint coating and also the high-quality steel and plastic used to make it.

Our Verdict 

The Intex 52 inch pool ladder is simple and does what it is built for. It may not be stable enough for adults but it is perfect for children to use. 

4. Confer 7200 Pool Ladder

Confer Pool ladders have always been appreciated for being highly durable and of quality. The Confer plastics A-frame 7200 is an adjustable pool ladder that can be used for pools with heights of 48 to 56 inches. The steps have treads with aluminum sheets to provide extra grip for swimmers when they get out of the pool.

Special Features:

  • The legs of the ladders are wider at the bottom which makes the ladder sturdy and balanced.
  • The Confer also has a lock on the top step which restricts access. 
  • Confer heavy-duty pool ladders have a high weight capacity of 300 lbs making them ideal for heavy adult swimmers as well.

You can check in ground pool ladders for heavy people.

However, The only con that this ladder might have is the high price tag. It might be really expensive compared to other pool ladders available.

Our Verdict

If you are looking to invest in a good pool ladder that will last you for a long time, this is a very good option. We completely recommend you to buy this. 

5. Summer Waves 36 Inches

The Summer Wave 36 Inch pool ladder is perfect for pools that are 36 inches in height. It is made with an anti-corrosion metal frame and slip-resistant plastic steps.

Special Features:

  • The Summer Wave pool ladder assembly is easy.
  • The item weighing 19.56 lbs can easily be moved around as well.
  • The Summer wave has a really simple design but is still sturdy compared to other small pool ladders available in the market, but that still doesn’t justify its hefty price tag. 

Our Verdict

When we used the Summer Waves 36 Inches ladder, we found it to be sturdier than the many above-ground pool ladders available in the market with similar designs. It might be a bit expensive but still a good buy if you’re looking for a durable product that will also not take up a lot of space. 

6. Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch

The vinyl works premium a frame above ground pool ladder has been specially designed to reduce pool injuries in children. The Vinyl Works pool ladder has an all-vinyl build and stainless steel hardware.

Special Features:

  • The weight limit for this ladder is 300 lbs and it is ideal for above-ground pools ranging from 48-54 inches in size.
  • The ladder comes with a lot of safety features as well.
  • It has a locking feature to raise the steps upwards and lock them to prevent unauthorized access to the pool.
  • The side barriers on the steps also prevent children from getting stuck between the ladder.
  • The ladder also has side rails that provide easy gripping for you when entering and exiting the pool. Other than that, the steps are slip-resistant to prevent you from slipping off the ladder. 

Our Verdict

The Vinyl Pool works ladder is very sturdy and durable, sure to last you for years! The many features it comes with will help you easily access your pool and provide enough safety for you and your family. Complete Value for money!

7. Biltmor Above-Ground Step And Ladder System

The Biltmor ladder for above-ground pools is suitable for all types of pools. The ladder is to be attached with the deck of the pool and can take a weight of 350 lbs. Made of Polyethylene, the ladder is really comfortable to use and also very stable.

Special Features:

  • The Blitmor comes with steps on one side and has a ladder on the other side(You will need to buy the steps and ladders separately).
  • A completely ideal ladder system for pools that do not have decks.
  • The Biltmor pool steps are really easy to assemble and also have an entry barrier to prevent unauthorized swimmers from accessing your pool.

Our Verdict

We simply couldn’t help but love this ladder. The great design has provided so much comfort for little children. It might be expensive, but if you value comfort, you should get this for your pool. 

8. Majestic Wedding Cake Steps 8000

Innovaplas wedding cake pool steps are one of the finest wedding cake steps. This simple wedding step with counterweight features prevents the steps from floating when placed inside the pool.

Special Features:

  • Cups positioned below the steps also add to the stability of this pool ladder system.
  • This wedding cake pool step weighs about 136 lbs and is completely made with plastic, therefore there will be no metal inside the water.
  • The maximum weight this step system can hold is 350 lbs.
  • The handrail and the steps make getting inside and outside the pool extremely easy and greatly reduces the chances of getting injured. 

Our Verdict

The Majestic Wedding Cake Steps is completely ideal for any pool you have. It might be a bit expensive, but there is no doubt that it would be a wise investment. 

9. Aqua Select A-Frame Ladder 48-inch

The Aqua Select pool ladder is an A-Frame style ladder that is ideal for pools that have a height of 48 inches. The ladder has removable outer steps to prevent unauthorized access to the pool.

Special Features:

  • It is made with anti-corrosive metal and the steps are made using slip-resistant material to prevent wet feet from slipping.
  • The ladder comes with side rails and has an extended top rail to help you enter or exit the pool.
  • The ladder is very lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • One unique feature that this ladder has is the safety barrier attached to the inside ladder.
  • It is carefully placed to prevent any swimmer from getting trapped behind the inside ladder. 

Even with all the features, this ladder is not very sturdy as there have been complaints of it being wobbly and not very durable. Even though the manufacturers claim that this ladder can hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs, to be frank, it can not. 

Our Verdict

We did figure out the stability issues this ladder has and the wrong weight capacity sign on it. However, this one can still be considered if you are buying this to be used only by kids. 

How To Choose The Best Above Ground Pool Ladder

Choosing the best above-ground pool ladder for yourself is not going to be easy at all. There are multiple attributes to keep in mind before you can go on to select the best pool ladder system for yourself.

From the size of the ladder, the build, how easy it is to clean, the compatibility with your deck, there are multiple aspects to keep in mind before you can go on to buy an above-ground pool ladder for yourself. Below we have outlined the characteristics that you need to be aware of before you can buy a ladder for yourself. 

Knowing The Size And Type Of Your Pool

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your pool. Measure the height of your pool as it will help you decide which category of pool ladders you should venture into.

You would certainly want to buy a pool ladder for yourself that is of the perfect size, not too tall or not too short. Other than that, you also need to understand the type of above-ground pool you have. Is it inflatable? Does it have a deck? There is a different category of ladders for each type. 

Make Sure It Is Sturdy But Lightweight

A pool ladder should be sturdy so that it doesn’t move or wobble when you or your kids stand on it. This should be your top priority while choosing a ladder for yourself.

If your ladder isn’t sturdy it can be a major reason to be worried about your safety while in the pool.

Also, the ladder should be lighter so that you can easily lift it out when you want to clean it to maintain the hygiene of your pool.

Get Something Durable

A pool ladder should be a one-time investment. You don’t need to buy one every year when summer comes.

It is best to get something durable for yourself so that it can last for years to come, even if you need to spend a few extra bucks.

Safety Features

A very important aspect of pool ladders is to provide security for you and your family so that you guys do not get injured.

Modern above-ground pool ladders should have safety features such as slip-resistant steps, removable steps to prevent unauthorized access, side rails to provide grip, and barriers on the sides prevent little swimmers from getting stuck between the ladders. 

The Material of the ladder

The last thing you need to understand is the ladder’s material you are getting. Ladders come with different materials, including fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum.

Aluminum or metal ladders might cost you a bit more than plastic ladders, but metal ladders are durable and last long. It is up to you to decide which material you would prefer keeping your budget in mind.

Final Words

Above-ground pool ladders shouldn’t be compromised as they’re a major tool that helps ensure your and your children’s safety while they’re inside the pool.

The various designs and formats the ladders are available in can get a bit confusing, but all you need to do is follow this buying guide to get the best pool ladders for above-ground pools.

Thanks to your new above-ground swimming pool ladder system, I hope you enjoy your summers and have a safe, fun time at the pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Stabilize An Above-Ground Pool Ladder?

You can use extra weights like a dumbbell attached to the bottom of your ladder to keep it from moving.

If you are experiencing instability or tottering on your pool ladder, it is important to take action right away. One solution may be to install a see-through deck railing system that will allow you to view the ground below at all times. This will help in making sure that everything is stable and secure.

If this doesn’t seem like an ideal solution, then another option could be apoolstabilizer . This device attaches underneath your pool ladder and helps to stabilize it by keeping it from wobbling side-to-side. It can also prevent falls by increasing traction when ascending or descending the ladder.

Ultimately, whichever option you choose should depend on the specific circumstances of your situation. By taking swift action and ensuring stability throughout your pool area, you can avoid potential accidents and ensure safe swimming for everyone involved!

How To Install An Above Ground Pool Ladder?

An Above Ground Pool Ladder is easy to assemble. You just need to put the parts together using the user manual and then place the ladder system inside the pool. If your ladder comes with latches, you can easily attach them to your pool’s deck. 

How Should You Weigh Down Pool Steps?

Take out the ladder from the pool and attach weights to the bottom of the ladder. Place the ladder back into the pool by carefully attaching it to the pool’s wall. Drop the weights to the pool floor to allow the weight to hold the ladder in place and then check to see if the ladder is in place and not moving. 

How To Protect Pool Liners From Ladders?

There are step liner guards that are available in the market. These guards help to protect your pool liners. If you do not want to invest in guards, you can also use pads that will protect the pool liners. 

How To Properly Clean Pool Steps?

There are various ways of cleaning your pool steps. You can choose to rub chlorine tablets or even use a solution of vinegar and water to rub the steps and keep them clean. It is also advised to use a scrubber to clean the steps more effectively. 

How To Remove Rust From A Pool Ladder?

A non-abrasive commercial cleanser with water, soda-ash, or even borax can be used to keep your pool ladders rust-free at all times. Magnesium oxide mixed with ammonia and water can also get rid of stubborn rust stains. 

What Causes Pool Steps To Turn Yellow?

Mustard algae mostly cause yellow pool steps. Bacteria and dirt accumulate inside the pool, which results in this. You should make sure that you clean your pool at least once per week to prevent this from happening. 

How To Repair Cracked Plastic Pool Steps?

If your pool steps have cracks on them, you should try getting new steps for your ladder if they’re available in the market. If not then you should consider changing the ladder system completely as it can be a safety hazard for you and your family.

How To Remove The Above-Ground Pool Ladder?

Above-ground pool ladders can be simply picked up and placed elsewhere as most of them are quite light. If your ladder is very heavy you should consider emptying up your pool and then disassembling the ladder inside the pool to remove it easily. 

How To Measure Pool Ladder Steps?

You can easily measure the height of your pool ladder steps using a ruler or any measurement tape available. You would just need to measure the distance from the bottom part of each step to the top part to get the height. 

What Is The Top Above-Ground Pool Ladder With A Platform?

The platform on the top of an above-ground pool ladder helps to provide stability to your ladder and keeps it sturdy. It also helps in protecting the deck of your pool if it is weak.