You May Need 15 Best Step Stools For High Beds In 2023

High beds can be a pain to climb on for children or even elderlies. Your elders or your kids definitely should not need your help to access their beds. So, bed stool for high beds is the real solution for climbing on bed.

To solve this accessibility issue, you can always get yourself a bedside step stool. In this guide, we will give you insight into the best step stools for high beds and introducing the 15 best products available in the market.

Know everything from the features you should stress to the options you have got. Read on to learn everything there is to know before shopping for a bed footstool.

Our Most Favorites:

Step stools for bedrooms come in different formats, suited to help your loved ones overcome complexities when they try to access their high beds for comfort.

Fear not because you have us to suggest the best steps for high beds for you.

Below you can check out our favorite step stools that you can get for yourself.

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Top Most PicksShort Introduction
DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber PlatformA heavy-duty step stool with a handle to make getting in and out of bed really comfortable for elders. Non-skid rubber caps are to add to the safety of your loved ones.
Wood City Wooden Toddler Step Stool for KidsSimple lightweight wooden step stool for your children that is extremely durable, sturdy, and safe to use. At the same time it is portable, allowing your kid to also use the step stool in other parts of the house. 
Step2Bed Bed Rails For ElderlyStep2Beds Bed rails for elderly is the ultimate step stool you can get for the seniors in your house. The motion sensor LED lights for fall prevention solves the very big problem of trip hazards that most step stools possess.

Comparison For Best Step Stools For High Beds

  • 1. Step Stool Model – DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber Platform
  • Price – Check Price on amazon
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Product Weight – 8.5 lbs
  • Style: 1-step stool
  • 2. Step Stool Model – Wood City Wooden Toddler Step Stool for Kids
  • Price – Check Price on amazon
  • Weight Capacity – 200 lbs
  • Product Weight – 6.49 lbs
  • Style: 2-step stool
  • 3. Step Stool Model – Step2Bed Bed Rails For Elderly
  • Price – Check Price on amazon
  • Weight Capacity – 400 lbs
  • Product Weight – 21 lbs
  • Style: 1-step stool

What Features Should Be Included In A Good Step Stool For High Beds?

Bed step stools do not need to have a lot of fancy features. They have a very simple motive of just providing you or your loved one with a bit of extra height boost so that you can easily get in or out of bed.

But there are a few things you might want to consider before getting a good and wide step stool for bed.

Safety Features

Steps for high beds might look small but they can still threaten your children or the seniors if they aren’t careful. Modern step stools come with many safety features that help keep people safe.

There are many different ways to make sure that your feet stay safe while walking or climbing. These ways include using rubber legs, caps, platforms, and handrails. These added features can help you stay relaxed while your loved ones use the steps.  

Adjustable Height

Having a step stool for your bed with adjustable height would be cool. It would allow you to change the height of the stool-based on who is using it. For example, a child might need the step stool to be higher to access the bed than a senior easily. 

Stools with adjustable height also allow you to use the step with multiple beds. All beds in your house might not have the same height, and if you plan on getting a step stool for multiple beds. Then getting one with adjustable height would be the right thing to do. 

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using A Bed Step Stools For High Beds?

Step stools might pose a threat to your toes. They are not safe to use in the dark and can cause you to trip off.

Step stools are only stable when you carefully put your feet on the middle of the platform. You might hit your toe on the stool or even place your feet on the corners and fall off the steps in the dark. 

These are not the only cons that come with bed step stools for high beds, though. Bedside footstools can be an eyesore for your guests.

Most stools available in the market aren’t that pretty and unless you get a custom-built stool for your room, it can be pretty hard to get it to match your decor. 

DIY- How Do You Make Bedside Steps?

Making your own bedside step stool would surely be an achievement you would like to have. Making a step stool by yourself is not complicated at all.

You can simply follow our DIY guide and create your own bedside stool! If You want to know DIY-How do you make it?

Note: Do make sure that you have safety gear on while carrying out your DIY projects.

15 Best Step Stools For High Beds-For Different Ages

Bedside Stool With Handle For Seniors

Bedside Stool With Han : safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B000EWVP80

DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber Platform – A bedside stool with handle that can take up to 300 pounds of weight on top of it. This step-up stool increases your height by 9.5 inches, which makes it ideal to use with beds.

The handle attached to the stool provides the much-needed support for your children or seniors when they try to get in and out of bed. 

The platform on the top is wide enough to stand on and comes with a slip-resistant mat to provide extra grip for your feet.

The stool is made of heavy-duty steel and comes with chrome plating making it highly durable. Even with its steel structure, the stool is portable and can easily be moved from one room to another. 

Our Verdict:

The DMI step stool is a very sturdy stool to use. Other than that, when you put too much pressure on the handle there is a risk for the stool to tip over.

This can be good enough for kids, but you might want to look at other options if you are planning to get one for an adult.

Bed Steps For High Beds For Adults

Bed Steps For High Beds For Adults:safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09K5D92KN

Leyfan Wooden 2-Step Stool – Leyfan brings you a 2-step bed stool made of multi-layered wood. This 2-step is ideal for heavy-duty use thanks to its metal frame which is wholly welded to make the structure strong, sturdy, and balanced enough.

The bottom of the 2-step comes with an anti-skid foot pad that makes sure you stay safe when you stand on the stool. 

This stool is easy to assemble and is ideal for children to use. The overall look of the stool is really classy and can be used as a shelf to keep books as well.

Our Verdict:

We believe this product to be a classy piece of furniture that you would love to keep at your place. A very durable step stool to have. 

Bed Step Stool For Elderly

Bed Steps For Elderly: safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B092Z9LZX6

Medical Step Stools Wooden for Seniors Elderly – If you are looking for a step stool for seniors then you can certainly go for this one. A really durable step for high beds which makes getting in and out of bed very safe for seniors.

The step stool itself is made of wood and has anti-slip rubber mats at the bottom. The two handles on the step also make sure that your elders have all the support they need while accessing their beds to rest. The handles also have rubber grip covers that provide comfort and support.

Our Verdict:

Considered one of the safest step stools for seniors, you can always pick this one for your elders without a second thought. 

Step Stools for elderly

Wooden Bedside Step Stool For Adults

Wooden Bedside Step Stool For Adults: safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08251VMTJ

HOUCHICS Wooden Step Stool Lightweight but sturdy. Houchics’ wooden step stool are some of the best small bedside stools to get for kids. It is completely made of wood. It has a classic wood finish to it making it look highly classy.

The step stool is very light which allows your kids to take it around with them to other parts of the house, wherever they face accessibility issues.

The step stools come in 5 different designs and are really affordable. The step stool can hold up to 260 lbs of weight, which is enough to support adults as well.

Our Verdict:

A simple step stool that is sturdy and durable as it should be. We love it!

Best Step Stool for Kitchen

Wood Step Stools For High Beds-For Adults and Kids

S SEEKINGTAG Wooden Step Stool A heavy-duty step up stool that can hold up to 330 lbs of weight. S Seekingtag’s wood stool comes in 8 different designs and doesn’t require any assembling.

The stool is small enough to slide under the bed. The step stool looks nice but it can be a bit unstable compared to other options available in the market.

Our Verdict:

We believe the stool looks really nice but not so nice when it comes to providing stability.

Padded Step Stool For Bed

TOUCH-RICH Footrest Small Ottoman Stool If comfort for your feet is a priority, check out this pretty little step stool by Touch-Rich. The design of the stool replicates small Ottoman stools that were used in the past by royalties and officials.

This stool has a high quality PU leather finish on top that will surely last a long time. The stool can hold a weight of 330 lbs and comes with anti-slip covers in the bottom to keep you safe.

One of the most elegant small bedside stools, the footrest comest in 9 different colors with 2 variants that have handles.

Our Verdict:

A truly elegant footstool to keep at your house. It adds to your decor and also can be used to sit on.

Fancy Step Stool For Closet

Fancy Step Stool For Closet: safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B089ZZC4M6

Delxo Aluminum 2 Step Stool A heavy duty top step stool with handle, the Delxo 2 step ladder is made of high quality Aluminum and comes with an wood coloured finish for the steps.

The 2-step can hold upto 330 lbs. It is extremely stable thanks to the metal frame and very lightweight as well.

The handle on the top not only provides support when getting into bed but can also allow you to easily carry the step stool around the house. The Delxo 2-step ladder also comes with 2 years of warranty! Fo more step ladder check here

Our Verdict:

We really liked how sturdy this product is! Thanks to the metal frame it is highly durable as well. A must buy!

Wood Step Stool With Storage

Wood Step Stool With Storage : safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B003K1453O

Kings Brand Dark Cherry Finish – Best heavy duty bed risers and an innovation for step stools. If you’re looking for a step stool that doubles up as a storage box as well then you should go for the Kings Brand Bedroom Step Stool to get into bed.

The wood finish stool also adds to the decor of your room and looks much better compared to other boring steps available in the market.

Being made with MDF wood, the steps are really sturdy and very durable with 300-pound weight capacity.

However, there are no gripping mats on the steps, which means there is a risk you might slip while on it. Other than that, the steps are a bit small for adults as well but ideal for kids. Not recommended for seniors. 

Our Verdict:

The Kings Brand really gives a beautiful touch to your room. There are a few issues in the safety department but all in all a sturdy step stool for the bedroom. 

Heavy Duty Bed Step Stool

Heavy Duty Bed Step Stool : safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08WVBPRRB

Darien 3 Step Wood Step Stool for Adults or Kids, Dog Stairs – Another Kings Brand furniture Step Stool but this one is a notch higher. The 3 step wooden stool is for beds that are really high even for 2 step stools.

The whole setup looks like a staircase and provides easy access to the bed. The furniture has a very understated design and a natural wood finish which allows it to easily blend into the interior of your house. 

Our Verdict:

Sturdy as the 2-step stool as well, but then again it is really slick and doesn’t provide much space for your feet. We suggest this for kids or pets only.

Bed Steps With Rails For Adjustable Beds

Bed Steps With Rails For Adjustable Beds:safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07C7PLL5C

Step2Bed Portable Medical Step Stool With Handicap Grab Bars – We bring you one of the best single steps for high beds to be used by your elders.

The Step2Bed is a 1-step stool that comes with rails to provide support to the elderly and Motion activated LED light at the bottom to prevent falls.

The rails have adjustable heights to let you increase the height whenever needed. The legs of the stool come with anti-skid high quality rubber caps that would make the stool highly sturdy.

Plus the stainless steel body of the steps make it very durable, stable and strong. The item weighs around 21 lbs but it can still be considered as portable.

Our Verdict:

An all in all care product for the seniors. We really recommend you to buy this if you are looking to get it for an elder at your house.

Bed Step Stool Ikea

Bed Step Stool Ikeair?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B002EGZF8A

IKEA BEKVAM Wooden Utility Step A step stool made in the USA, IKEA stools are already quite popular due to the durability they have and the high quality they provide.

This is a simple 2-step IKEA stool. Like all Ikea furniture this is simple and does the job.

It comes with a convenient handle on top allowing you to easily carry it around the house. The stool comes with a Beige finish and comes in 2 other variants, white and black. To top it all it is really cheap!

Our Verdict:

We all love IKEA, simple and does the job while also being really affordable. You can get this one if you are looking for something simple.

Mahogany Bed Steps

Mahogany Bed Stepsir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0019GLHJ2

Powell Woodbury Mahogany Bed Step – Another Step stool that doubles up as a storage box. This bed steps for high beds is made of wood and has a decorative carved acanthus corner.The color is a lightly distressed “Woodbury Mahogany”.

The product has a total weight of 36 pounds. All in all the product adds to the interior of your house but it is not very durable compared to other products available in the market. 

Our Verdict:

The step stool looks good but it is not very durable. You can still buy this one for kids but not recommended for adults.

Chic Step Stool For High Beds

Chic Step Stoolir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B001U88670

Winsome Wood -WW Stool, Antique Walnut – WInsome Wood brings you a complete wooden step stool with solid construction. The foldable step stool doubles up as a seating stool. You can fold the step below when not using it.

Upper step is wide enough to stand on and the steps have slits to provide traction to your legs.

In terms of looks, the step stool looks classy and can be a great piece of furniture to decorate your house. The solid wood construction provides strength to your step stool while also making sure that you are stable when you stand on it.

Our Verdict:

This one can be a classy addition to your house. It isn’t only sturdy but also doubles up as a sitting portable stool & easy storage. Do give it a try!

Cherry Wood Step Stool For Bedroom

Cherry Wood Step Stool For Bedroomir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01M27CJYU

Frenchi Furniture Frenchi Home Furnishing Stool– Frenchi has come with this colonial style home furnishing stool. Completely made of wood, this would compliment your bed really well. The stool has a strong construction that makes it very sturdy.

However, it might not be really stable and you would need to be careful enough to not place your feet on the corners. The stool doesn’t come with any safety features but this can be overlooked thanks to the good build this comes with. 

Our Verdict:

Assembling this was a bit hard but we really love how this product looks, if you are someone who likes delving into the past then this is something for you! The colonial styled step stool would really look good around your antiques. 

Bed Steps For Kids

Wood City Wooden Toddler Step Stool for Kids:safeusetools.comir?t=bsafet 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07V8JL425

Wood City Wooden Toddler Step Stool for Kids – A stool designed for kids, WOOD CITY’s Step Stool is

  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • And really durable.

Made with wood, the step stool has anti-skid legs to stop the stool from sliding away while your kids try to ascend it.

It also has two handles on both sides, allowing your children to move it around when needed. The stool has a really great construction and will last longer than cheaper stools available in the market.

There is no chance this one would break having a weight capacity of 200 lbs which is enough for your children.

Our Verdict:

This is real value for money, a stable, sturdy, and safe stool to get for your kids to access their beds. Get this one now.

How Do I Choose A Good Step Stool For High Beds? (Buying Guide)

Buying a step stool for your bed is not going to be easy. Step stools for beds come in a lot of variants. To make things easier we’re going to talk about the characteristics of step stools for high beds and which ones you should concentrate on while getting one for yourself. 

Step Stool Height

The most important attribute to check for before buying a step stool for your bed is to check for its height. If you do not check for this and get a step stool that is too small, it would be a waste of your money. Once you have measured the height increase you need, you can easily get the best stool for yourself.

Determine Weight Limit

Different high bed stools might have different weight limits. If you are getting the step stool for a kid, you can get one made of plastic which can easily hold your child’s weight.

However, for adults or overweight individuals, you might prefer to get something that has a higher product rating. You certainly would not want the step stool to break due to taking extra weight over its limit and hurting your feet.

The Amount Of Usage

You need to understand how much the step stool is going to be used. Are you going to use it only at night? Or will it be used by a sick elderly who would take rest throughout the day?

The amount of usage the step stool is going to go through will help you determine the type of stool you should get as well as the material that would best suit you.

The Step Stools Design

Step stools come in varying forms and designs, so there are multiple choices for you to choose from. Most people prefer buying wooden step stools for high beds as they match the material of their bed if it is made of wood as well.

It is best to invest in a good-looking step stool for your bed if it is going to permanently stay there beside your bed. A beautiful step stool will not only do its job, but it will also add to the decor of your house. 

Step stool Safety

Do not overlook this as it is really important for you to make sure that the step stool you are getting for your bed is safe to use. Modern step stools come with a lot of added safety features to keep their users safe.

Features like handrails, anti-skid legs, and rubber mats on the top platform for grip can ensure that you do not face any unwanted accidents while trying to use the stool.

Bed step stools are really useful to have as it makes getting in and out of bed really safe for everyone.

However, it still has its downsides. Step stools don’t look really pleasing to the eye and they can always cause injuries if someone hits their feet on it without looking.

Stools also get hard to use in the dark and may result in causing a fall. It is best to keep all these aspects in mind when choosing the best high bed step stool for yourself. 

Final Thought For The Best Step Stools For High Beds

There is no alternative to getting a good step stool for accessing a high bed. Looking at how risky it can be to ascend a step stool, it is important that you invest in something that is an all-rounder.

In case of most of the stools available in the market you might need to sacrifice safety for looks, or sacrifice looks for something safe and durable. The choice is up to you to make. For more ladder check here

How Much Weight Can A Step Stool Hold?

A step stool can have varying weight limits, but the minimum a step stool can hold is 150 lbs, which can go all the way up to 400 lbs. A lot of step stools are made of low quality material which breaks when too much weight is put on it.

How Do You Get On A High Bed?

There are a couple of ways to get into a high bed. The first being jumping into the bed. This is highly risky for kids and seniors as this may cause grave injuries for them.

The second option is to use a step stool and safely get in or out of the high bed in your house. 

Which is better: manual or electric stools for high beds?

The selection of the best stool for high beds will depend on the specific needs of the individual. Some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Type of bed.

Manual stools are often preferred by those who are heavier or taller than average. They are also the most affordable option and can be easily moved around the room.

On the other hand, electric stools are often preferred by those who have trouble reaching down to pull up a manual stool.

They are also more expensive but offer a variety of features, such as height adjustment and toe clearance.

Ultimately, it is important to test out both types of stools before purchasing. You may also want to consult with a health care professional to get their opinion on which type of stool is best for you.