Gorilla Ladder VS Little Giant: What Are The Differences?

Ladders are the most commonly used tool of ladder owners. We use them in our homes, offices, farms, and construction sites every day.

But do you know that ladder ownership has several different usages? From safety to cleaning, ladders are multi-purpose tools with many diverse applications. In this blog we will tell you about two ladder types – gorilla ladder and little giant ladder. We will tell you the differences between them, their pros and cons, and whether little giant ladder is good for you or not.

Gorilla Ladder VS Little Giant
Gorilla Ladder VS Little Giant

Here is the information in a table:

FeatureGorilla LadderLittle Giant Ladder
SizeLarger and heavierSmaller and lighter
Weight capacityHigherLower
MaterialAluminumAluminum or fiberglass
PriceMore expensiveLess expensive
HeightAvailable in a wider rangeLimited to a specific range
StabilityAdditional features for stabilityStandard stability
VersatilityLimited configurationsCan be used as ladder, scaffold, or work platform
DurabilityLong lifespanGood durability
Brand reputationGood reputation for quality and safetyGood reputation

Is Gorilla and Little Giant the Same?

Both Gorilla and Little giant ladder systems are ladder systems used to provide a platform for safe climbing. Gorilla is taller than Little giant by one step, and has more steps per ladder run. A ladder system of Gorilla has 13 steps while the ladder system of Little giant has 11 steps. This difference in the number of steps makes it more durable and stable than the ladder system of little giant.

Gorilla ladder systems are heavier than little giant ladder systems. However, little giant is easier to assemble and disassemble. The gorilla ladder is available in different heights and shapes, whereas little giant only offers two different heights and two different shapes of ladders.

Is Gorilla a Good Ladder?

  • – Gorilla ladder is sturdier and more durable than the Little giant ladder.
  • – It has a longer reach than Little giant ladder.
  • – The gorilla ladder is also easier to use.
  • – It features a wide, flat platform for safety and stability.
  • – Gorilla ladders are also less expensive than little giant ladders.
  • – It is ideal for larger areas, such as roofs and tall buildings.

The gorilla ladder can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities without any doubts.

Moreover, gorilla ladders are tested and approved by the ASTM standards, making them the safest ladders available in the market.

Which is the Best Brand of Ladders?

If you are looking for a ladder that is durable and long-lasting, the Gorilla Ladder is the perfect option. It is made of heavy-duty steel and is built to last. This ladder is ideal for use at home or on the job site.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a ladder that is easy to use, the Little Giant ladder is the best option. It is made of high-quality materials and features a carrying handle and head shelf for storage. The Gorilla Ladder has greater reach than the Little Giant ladder, making it easier to climb up high objects. However, the Little Giant ladder is cheaper than the Gorilla Ladder, making it a worthy investment as well. Overall, both ladders have many desirable features and make excellent ladder choices for any purpose.

Does Little Giant Platform Work With Gorilla Ladder?

  • – Little giant platforms are designed to work with the Gorilla ladder.
  • – There are some Little giant platforms that do not support the Gorilla ladder.
  • – Little giant platforms are easier to use and have a lower learning curve than the Gorilla ladder.
  • – The Gorilla ladder is more versatile and can be used for a wider range of tasks than the Little giant platform.
  • – The Gorilla ladder is more durable than the little giant platform.
  • – If you’re looking for an easy way to ladders, little giant platforms may be your preferred option.

They are easier to use, have a lower learning curve, and provide better safety features than the gorilla ladder. Plus, they are more durable and versatile than little giant ladders.

Where are Little Giant ladders manufactured?

  • – Little Giant ladders are manufactured in the United States.
  • – Gorilla ladders are manufactured in China.
  • – Little giant ladders are more expensive than Gorilla ladders.
  • – Little giant ladders have a higher weight capacity than Gorilla ladders.
  • – Little giant ladders are more durable than Gorillas.
  • – Finally, little giant ladders have been trusted by consumers for years as the ladder of choice.

Little Giant vs Gorilla – Comparing Multi-Position Ladders

Little giant ladder and gorilla ladder are two types of ladders that are used for various purposes. However, there are differences between them which you must know about. Firstly, little giant ladder is comparatively cheaper than the gorilla ladder. Secondly, gorilla ladder is a little heavier and has a greater reach.

The little giant ladder is more stable and doesn’t easily tip over. It provides greater access to high places and can be used for multi-positioning. The gorilla ladder provides greater stability for single-positioning but doesn’t have as great a reach as the little giant ladder.

Also, gorilla ladder is heavier and takes more time to extend than the little giant ladder. Additionally, gorilla ladder is less expensive than the little giant ladder in most cases. Thus, comparing these two types of ladders will give you an idea of both the pros and cons of each one.

Where are Little Giant Ladders Made

Little giant ladders are made by the Little Giant company. Gorilla ladders are also made by the little giant company. But before buying a ladder, you must understand the differences between the two brands.

  • – Gorilla ladders are more durable and can be used for various applications than little giant ladders.
  • – Little giant ladders are generally less expensive than gorilla ladders.
  • – Both brands of ladders have similar features, but gorilla ladders have wider steps and handle grips, making them easier to use.
  • – If you want a ladder that is stable and has good grip, then choose little giant ladder as it is made of heavier materials that make it more durable.

Are Little Giant Ladders Made in The USA?

Gorilla ladders are made with heavier-duty materials, making them more durable and sturdy than little giant ladders. The gorilla ladder’s wide frame and high rise frame make it more stable and secure, making it ideal for large jobs where stability and weight are important factors. Little giant ladders are typically less expensive than gorillas, but they may not be as strong or stable.

Little giant ladders don’t have a wide range of heights, while gorilla ladders have a wider range. This makes it easier to find the right height for the job at hand. Little giant lads are sometimes less comfortable to use because they aren’t as well padded.

Gorilla ladders are often preferred for large jobs where stability and weight are important factors. Both types of ladder are great for building access points, but one is likely to be the better option depending on the job and the user’s needs.

How Tall Is the Little Giant M22?

The Little Giant M22, also known as the Gorilla ladder, is taller than the Little Giant Gorilla ladder by 2 feet. The Little Giant M22 is wider than the Gorilla ladder by 2 feet. The Little giant M22 weighs more than the gorilla ladder—by about 50 pounds—making it sturdier and longer-lasting. It has a greater capacity to hold up to 220 pounds of weight.

The gorilla ladder is also stronger and has a longer lifespan than the little giant M22. Both ladders are great for people of all ages, but if you’re looking for something a little sturdier, the little giant M2 is the way to go.

Is It Okay To Store Ladders Outside?

  • – It is vital to store ladders safely to avoid accidents.
  • – If you choose to store your ladder outdoors, make sure to take appropriate safety measures.
  • – Little Giants are not as heavy as Gorillas, making them easier to handle and handle with less awkwardness or weakness.
  • – Little Giants also come with a lifetime warranty, whereas the Gorilla Ladder does not have a warranty.
  • – Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference which ladder you choose for your specific needs.

It depends on your needs and personal preferences. Some people prefer Little Giants because of the durability, features, and warranty extension benefits they offer; others prefer Gorilla Ladders for their ease of use and safety features. Either way, both ladders are great options for securing ladder safety and safety on the job!

Disadvantages of Gorilla Ladders

  • – Gorilla ladders are heavy and difficult to move around.
  • – They are not as portable as Little Giants, making them less versatile in terms of use.
  • – Gorilla ladders are more expensive than Little Giants.
  • – They aren’t suitable for high-rise buildings or other steep structures, making them a less viable option.
  • – Lastly, gorilla ladders lack the durability ofLittle Giants, which may make them harder to use in certain cases.

These disadvantages make gorilla ladders less popular than Little Giants among users.


Now that you have a better idea of the ladder, we understand if you’re confused about which ladder to choose. It all boils down to your needs and the ladder’s capabilities. If you’re looking for a ladder that does the job of multiple ladders in one, check out the Little Giant M22. It is compact, lightweight, and suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

However, if you want a ladder with more features and flexibility, try the Gorilla Ladder 9-Feet Multi-Position Ladder. Either way, we hope our comparison article has helped you make an informed decision. Want to learn more? Visit here and here for more information!