For All Age The 15 Best Step Stools Based On Use In 2023

Step stools are lifesavers but you need The best step stools for many uses, it is an essential part of your everyday life. In this article, I am introducing the top stools based on their different use.

Be it for cleaning, painting, or even for small maintenance projects, it is a must to have a good step stool in your home.

To help YOU find this essential piece of equipment, we have come up with this mega guide that will assist you in getting the best step stool for yourself.

From the materials you should stress on, the features you should choose, and which type of step stool you are going to need to complete your day-to-day chores, we have you completely covered.

Top 5 Picks From a Total of 15 Stools

Best Stool For High Beds
Best Stool For High Beds
  1. Best Stool For High Beds – Powell Attic Cherry Bed Steps
Best Stool For High Beds
Best Stool For High Ceiling
  • Brand Name: Powell Furniture
  • Stool Color: Cherry
  • Stool Material: Wood
  • Stool Dimensions: LxWxH 15 x 15 x 19 inches
  • Stool Weight: 16.72 Pounds
  • Specialty: Easy to assemble

2. Best Stool For Kitchen Use – Acko Folding Step Stool

Best Stool For Kitchen Use
Best Stool For Kitchen Use/reading table use
  • Brand Name: Acko
  • Stool Color: Black
  • Stool Material: Plastic
  • Stool Dimensions: LxWxH 12 x 1 x 13 inches
  • Stool Weight: Lightweight
  • Specialty: Anti Slip, no need for assembly & Carrying Handle

3. Best Stool For Bathroom Use – Height Adjustable Two-Step Standing Stool

Best Stool For Bathroom Use
Best Stool For Bathroom Use
  • Brand Name: Mangohood
  • Stool Color: 2-step Gray
  • Stool Material: Plastic
  • Stool Dimensions: 24 x 16.3 x 5 inches
  • Stool Weight: 6.34
  • Hight: 11.8 Inches
  • Speciality: For potty training, Safety design

4. Best Stool For Closets – Delxo Aluminum 3 Step Ladder

Best Stool For Closets
Best Stool For Closets
  • Brand Name: Delxo
  • Stool Color: Wood
  • Stool Material: Aluminum
  • Stool Dimensions: 36″H X 17.5″L X 26.3″W, Folded: 38.2”H X 17.5″L X 1.65″W
  • Stool Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Load: 330 Pounds
  • Specialty: Perfect for Kitchen & Household, Portable multi-use and safe, stool and step ladder.

5. Best Stool For Washing Cars – HY DEALS Portable Folding Step Up Stool

Best Stool For Washing Cars
Best Stool For Washing Cars
  • Brand Name: HY DEALS
  • Stool Color: Black
  • Stool Dimensions: 15″ x 8.5″ x 5″, (actual)
  • Stool Height: 4 Inches
  • Stool Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Specialty: Foldable, Maneuverability, usable for elders, adults, kids

Types of Step Stools

Step Stools are going to be an essential part of your life once you have finished reading this article. They are needed in the kitchen, the bedroom, the store, the garage, everywhere! Step stools come in various different types.

A few types to mention are box steps, folding step stools, round step stools, step ladders, stationary step stools, rolling step stools, and rolling platforms.

These type of step stools have their own uses in the house or even outside. Other than their shapes and features, step stools also vary in the material that is used to make them. From metal, and plastic, to wood, step stools come in different builds. 

Are Step Stools Safe?

Ladder or step stool accidents constitute 164,000 ER cases in the US. Out of this 164k, 300 people end up dying. It is necessary for you to make sure whether the step stool you are using or are about to buy is safe or not.

Safety And Materials

Your safety while using a step stool depends on the quality of the step stool as well as the safety precautions you take while using it.

Coming to the quality of the step stool being used, it is important that you make sure the step stool being used is of high quality.

The materials used to make, if it is assembled properly, and the stability of the product.

Other than that, you also need to check whether the step stools have extra safety features to protect you or your family when they use them. 

You also play a big role in ensuring your safety when using a step stool. There are a few precautions that you should take to ensure that you do not get injured and end up in the hospital. 

Safety Precautions Tips For Using A Step Stool

  • Use the Step Stool on leveled surfaces only and you need to make sure that all four legs are kept on a solid surface.
  • Even if the surface is a little steep, it can result in your step stool losing balance.
  • A lot of people tend to keep step stools on other objects, this makes it hard for you to balance yourself when you stand on the step stool. 
  • You should always check a piece of equipment before using it, the same goes for step stools as well.
  • Make sure that the step stool isn’t damaged and that there are no broken parts before you stand on it. Ensure that the legs of the step stool are well balanced as well. 
  • If you use an A-frame step stool, it is necessary that you spread the frame completely and initiate the locking mechanism.
  • Do not use the step ladder without spreading it properly as there is a chance that the ladder might jerk or even lose balance and cause you to get hurt. 
  • Ladders or step stools always slip when you stand on them. To make sure the one you use doesn’t check if it comes with anti-slip caps or rubber feet. 

Before using the stool, you should investigate if the caps are on. Step stools or ladders shouldn’t be used on very slippery surfaces, for example, glass, icy surfaces, or wet surfaces.

  • When you ascend the ladder, make sure that your body stays in the middle of the ladder. This maintains your body’s balance and keeps the ladder from falling while you are on it. 
  • You should also make sure that you are facing the ladder when you ascend it, this gives you a better grip when you are holding the handles of the step ladder.
  • Step stool shouldn’t be relocated while it has objects over it. This can cause serious accidents or damage to goods.
  • For storing step stools, it should be kept somewhere away from excessive heat or chemicals as both can damage the product. 
  • Lastly, it would be wise to take an online course on “Ladder safety” before you use a step stool.
  • Top steps that have handrails, hand grip handles, and platforms with non-slip treads are preferred for ease of use and safety during everyday tasks.

What Are Step Stools Used For?

A step stool is a platform used to stand on to reach objects that might be out of your reach. It is halfway between a ladder and a stool. Step Stools have platforms that are big enough to place both your feet.

It provides comfort and balances that most ladders fail at providing. Step Ladders have a lot of unique features including not needing a wall as a support when you use it.

You can set one up on any surface and it is good to go. Step stools come in a lot of shapes and sizes, read on to find out more about the types available and where to use them.

Commercial use step stools are used for jobs like painting, electric work, or other maintenance work.

Other than giving an extra boost of height, sturdy step stools are lifesavers when it comes to small chores around the house like changing a light bulb. 

Which One Is Better? Foldable Or Non-Foldable Stools?

Folding stools are considered a more indulging option due to the less amount of space that is required to store them. On the other hand, non-foldable stools are considered to be sturdy and of a better build.

The hinges in folding stools often break as they’re of low quality and can reduce the lifespan of the whole product.

A big price to pay for saving storage space. To be really honest, you cannot use foldable stools everywhere, and the same goes for non-foldable stools.

If you need to place a stool at your doorstep, it needs to be there at all times to make sure that your house is accessible to visitors but if you plan on getting a step stool for house cleaning you would rather want to get a foldable one. 

However, a foldable stool is ideal for you due to its easy portability features but there are still a few things that you should make sure of before you get one.

A better quality of the material is a must so that your stool stays durable. The locking mechanism of your foldable stool will determine how rigid your stool will be when you assemble it and lastly how well-built the hinges are should be checked.

If the step stool’s hinges break it will literally just split into two while you stand on it. 

Are Step Stools Considered Ladders?

Even though step stools fall in the category of ladders, as they have the same motive of giving you some extra height, they are very different in terms of the features they have and the comfort they provide.

Most people get confused between a step ladder and a step stool, to explain to you they are both different products but share the same genre. Step ladders are basically A-shaped ladders.

They tend to be larger and allow you to increase your height by 6-7 feet as it has 6-12 steps. Step stools, on the other hand, increase your height by a maximum of 3 feet.

They tend to be smaller than step ladders and come in a different range of materials. Step ladders are mostly made with aluminum and fiberglass. 

The design differences between Step ladders and Step stools really make a difference in how they serve you. Step ladders not only allow you to reach greater heights but can also hold more weight compared to step stools.

A lot of people normally stay confused when making a decision between a step ladder or a step stool. It is pretty simple actually.

Step ladders are bought when you need to work at heights of 12 feet. They not only give you that extra height but also keep you safe while you are up there.

Whereas, step stools are to be used if you only need to increase your height by a couple of feet to clean the house or maybe to reach that shelf up there in your kitchen. 

DIY- How Do You Make A Wooden Step Stool?

Got some extra wood laying around the house? You can actually make your own wooden step stool.

Making your own wooden step stool will not only make you feel good but also saves you a lot of money. Get your tools ready and get to work right now!

Note: Do make sure that you have safety gear on while carrying out your DIY projects,

Tools and materials that you are going to need:

  1. Pine Wood Board (3 feet by 3 feet)
  2. Miler saw.
  3. Hammer.
  4. Nails.
  5. Drill machine with ¾ inch drill bit.
  6. Sandpaper.
  7. Adhesive.
  8. Paint or wood polish.

Step 1: Ready your materials

Firstly, get the board of wood you got and cut it down into shapes that you can later assemble.

The first part to cut would be the platform at the top. An ideal measurement for the platform would be 12 inches by 10 inches.

Next, you are gonna need four legs for your step stool which should have measurements of 6 inches in height and 2 inches in width on both sides.

Lastly, you are gonna need the front rails with a size of 8 inches and the side rails with a size of 6 inches.

Draw the measurements you took using a pencil on the wooden board and then proceed to cut up the parts using the miller saw. Cut out two dowels of ¾ inch in diameter and a length of 6 inches from the board as well.

Step 2: Assemble the parts

Attach the legs with the rails and form a base. Use adhesive to stick the legs with the rails and then secure them with the nails. Use the drill machine with a ¾ inch drill bit to cut out holes on the legs so that you can attach the dowels on the side.

The dowels will help in keeping the legs stable as well as keep the step stool rigid. Lastly, apply adhesive on the upper part of the base and place the platform on top.

Again use nails on the four corners of the platform to secure it with the base. Let the adhesive dry out.

Step 3: Finishing

Lastly, use sandpaper to carefully find out the edges so that you don’t end up pricking your feet with wooden bits.

To make your step stool look pretty, you can choose to paint it with your favorite color or use a wood polish to give it a more classy look. 

Best Step Stools For Home Use

We have got a lot of insight so far on what step stools are and all the attributes they have.

Now let us learn about all the useful ways we can include step stools in our house. Read on as we discuss each category in more detail.

Small Step Stool For Bed

High Beds almost always have accessibility issues for seniors or toddlers. Due to weakened bones in seniors they cannot just jump onto a high bed, they need something to provide them with some extra height that will allow them to easily access their beds.

Whereas toddlers lack the height to easily access a high bed. Best toddler step stool with rails, a step stool for a high bed is the best option you have.

Step stool to climb into bed not only give you that extra benefit but also make it safe for you or your loved ones when they are trying to get up on their beds.

Bed step stools come in a few different types. Some are fixed so that you cannot move easily and stay close to your bed at all times.

Other than that collapsible or foldable stools are also available that provide more mobility and allow you to use in multiple beds.

Bed stools for high beds come in a lot of materials; wood, metal, and plastic. However, a lot of people prefer to buy wooden stools as they look classy and match the material and finish of the bed.

No matter which stool you get it is sure to keep the seniors in your house safe from falls. Read more about the best step stools for high beds.

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Step Stools For Kitchen

You might wonder why you need the best kitchen step stools. Even if you haven’t noticed yet, step stools can make your life a lot easier when you use them in the kitchen. If not at least you will be helping your partner while they are in the kitchen.

You wonder how? Has your wife ever called upon you to take out that big jar of pickles kept inside the kitchen cupboard up there?

Did you have a hard time trying to clean the top of your big refrigerator? To solve all these issues you are going to need a step stool for the kitchen.

A kitchen step stool will not only give you a boost of extra height while you scavenge the cupboards of your shelf but it will also keep you safe and stable.

Kitchen step stools have their own attributes and generally come in collapsible form so that you can fold the step stool and store it away when it is not in use.

Buying a kitchen step stool is not that easy looking at the many characteristics they have. However, Two-step lightweight step stools would be a great choice to reach from kitchen counters up to that high shelf up there.

The small space they take makes it ideal for easy storage as well. Check out our article on the best step stools for the kitchen.

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Step Stools For Bathroom

Step stools are a must to have in the bathroom if you have toddlers in the house. Step stools in the bathroom assist your children to get some extra height so that they can easily reach the washbasin or the commode when needed.

This promotes independence in your kids, a much-needed trait. Be it washing their face, brushing their teeth, or taking a poop, you should teach your children to do all of this by themselves from a very early age. 

A step stool in the bathroom eliminates the need for you to go and hold your kid up in the air while they do their thing. Bathroom step stools come in varying forms, from ones made of plastic to steel or wooden ones.

Before buying a step stool for the bathroom you should make sure of all the safety features that it might have so that your little ones stay safe. Consider viewing our article on the best step stools for bathrooms to get more insight. 

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Step Stools For Closets

Almost all of us have a closet full of items in our homes. We all know how hard it can get to organize our closets, mainly the sh at the top.

A step stool can be considered a lifesaver here to not only organize your closets but also to take out items from shelves that are out of your reach.

A lot of people think that getting a chair and tiptoeing on top of it is the perfect way to bring out items from closets that go all the way up to the ceiling.

However, this isn’t safe at all and getting a small ladder is a must!

A closet step stool should be sturdier than a chair as you might have to reach all the way up to the ceiling to bring out your belongings or to organize your stuff.

You cannot go for a chair in this case. Step stools have the plus point of being folded and stored away when not in use.

Other than that, there are products available in the market that look really pretty and add to the decor of your house if you are looking to keep a step stool permanently around your closet.

Find out more about the best step stools for the closet.

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Step Stools For Washing Vehicles, Cleaning Windows

Mobility can be an issue for elderlies that are trying to use a car. Pickup trucks or SUVs have a height that can be hard for the elders in your house to reach due to their weakened joints. The best bet you have is a step stool for them.

A car step stool allows the adults in their twilight years to easily access the vehicles in your house whenever needed.

Be it for driving the car or for you to take your seniors out for a drive, a step stool makes things a lot easier.

A car step stool should not only be really lightweight but it also needs to be collapsible so that you can fold it and store it in your car easily for future use.

It doesn’t need to have a lot of fancy features that many step stools have but you surely want to get something that is durable.

Step stools for cars not only come in handy to be used by seniors but they can also assist you while cleaning the top side of your car making it accessible to you.

An investment that you won’t regret. You can know more about car stools by checking out our article on the best step stools for cars.

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Which Material is Best For A Step Stool?

You might have noticed the varying amounts of materials that Step stools are available in. The material of the step stool plays a very important role in determining its longevity.

So it is necessary that you understand each of the major materials available.


Plastic stools are quite popular due to them being really cheap and lightweight. They are ideal for use inside the house but not for exterior work. Plastic is what you should go for if you are looking for something cheap.

Stainless Steel

Step stools made of stainless steel are commonly used due to them being easy to maintain. The steel frame in such step stools also makes them really sturdy and well-built. They tend to be much more durable compared to plastic step stools and are more expensive as well.


Fiberglass step stools are popular because they are resistant to weather, heat, and magnets! They’re your go-to industrial-grade stools if you are looking for something that will last an eternity.

What You Should Know About Buying The Best Step Stools?

It is not unlikely that you can get easily confused when you go on to buy a step stool for yourself. In this buying guide, we bring forward some important factors that you should keep in mind before you go on with your mini ladder shopping. 

Go for a good brand

Good brands build themselves by constantly improving their products and winning over customers with their high-end products. If you stick to a good brand, you can never end up with a bad product. 

Check reviews

Customer reviews can tell you what the brand doesn’t. Customers buy the products, use them, and then give a review based on all the pros and cons of the product. It can be a good way to know how the product would feel when you use it.


You need to understand the amount of height you will need to reach. A smaller step stool won’t be able to take you high enough, but it is still good enough for reaching the top cupboard.


It is pretty simple, the better quality of the product you get the more durability it will provide to you. Always look for step stools that are of the best quality, it might cost you a few extra bucks but then again investing in something like that is worth it.


This is the most important aspect to look into. Ladder accidents amount to a lot of ER visits in the US as you may already know. It is important that you make sure the ladder you are getting is of high quality. Stools that have wide steps, non-slip, or anti-slip surfaces, handrails, and rubber feet, are the ones you should go for. 


A lot of modern step stools are available that offer you features that can make your task easier compared to generic step stools. Such stools come with tool trays or project trays that can let you hang your screwdriver while you do something else. 

How To Hide A Step Stool?

A step stool even with its many handy features can still be an eyesore. The bulky design just doesn’t go with the other furniture lying around in the house.

Plus there are always risks of someone hurting their toe or tripping off by hitting their feet on a step stool.

All of these cons don’t mean that you shouldn’t get a step stool, as there are out-of-reach locations inside your house that require you to have a height boost.

Do not get scared but read on to know more about these innovative ways by using which you can hide a step stool away from your guests. 

The Toe-Kick Step Stool

A toe kick is a space beneath your cupboard or kitchen desk that is not used. If you are planning on getting a step-up stool for the toilet or the kitchen, it would be a better idea to invest in a sliding step stool that your kids can easily pull out whenever they need to use it.

This not only hides the step stool but eliminates the need to create storage space for a step stool that you were going to buy from the market.

Cabinets or walls

We often have slim or narrow kitchen cabinets in our house that normally cannot store other items. These cabinets can actually be a perfect spot for you to easily store your foldable step stool.

If you do not have cabinets then you can choose to mount hooks on the walls of your laundry, pantry, or utility room. This can be a perfect way to hang your foldable step stool. 

Flaunt your Step Stool

The last resort. If you cannot hide your step stool, then flaunt it to your guests! You can choose to color it or get unique designs that match your decor.

A step stool can also double up as a stand to keep your plants on. There is no limit to how you can decorate your house using the step stool. Fire up your creativity!

Final Words For Best Step Stools For Its Buyer 

Getting the best step stools for home use is entirely in your hands. You need to understand why you are getting the step stool and where exactly you would want to use it, as well as who is going to use the step stool.

Once you have answered these questions you can easily buy the right step stool for yourself by using our guide. In the end, no matter which step stool you choose, make sure that you are getting step stool that is safe to use for seniors too

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Step Stools OSHA Approved?

Yes, step stools are OSHA-approved. OSHA states that step stools that have a height of less than 24 inches do not need to go through its regulations.

However, stools that are higher than 24 inches must follow all regulations proposed by OSHA. Including that of having a handrail. OSHA states that step stools should be sturdy and support the weight for the intended job. Do make sure that you check for the OSHA-approved seal before buying a step stool for yourself. 

Which Is Better: Plastic OR Wooden Step Stools?

Both of these materials have their own characteristics. Plastic step stools are easy to clean and very light. Compared to plastic, wood is heavier but much more sturdy if built properly. Plastic step stools are not very durable either.

Price-wise, wooden step stools are more expensive compared to plastic. Now to answer the question, wood is better but it still depends on where you want to use the step stool. For bathrooms, it is better to get a plastic step stool rather than a wooden one. 

How Do Step Stools Help Around The Home?

Step stools are a blessing for the vertically challenged. If not only that is also a blessing for taller individuals who have a hard time reaching objects up there. Step stools are a must in the house, as they assist you in maintaining your house.

What Height Is Good For A Step Stool?

There is no exact answer to this. To determine the best height for a step stool you need to know what you would be using it for.

If you are getting a step stool for your closet then you might need something that is at least 4 feet tall. If it is for the bathroom then you can get something that is about 12 inches tall. The required height of your step stool will vary according to the task. 

What Is The Function Of A Step Stool?

A step stool helps in giving you a height boost so that you can easily reach the inaccessible parts of your house. Be it the top shelf of your closet, the kitchen cupboard up there, or the top of your fridge. A step stool can have many uses.