How To Paint High Places Without A Ladder In 2023

Some of us don’t like the color of newly bought houses and some of us want to experiment with changing colors. Both things are possible without professional help. You can change the color of your house anytime on your own. 

However, if you have issues with height then climbing on a ladder for painting will be a bad idea for you. Plenty of people have fear of heights and are not recommended for climbing high places.

You can easily DIY painting high places without fear of heights and potential accidents. In this article, we will know how to paint high places without a ladder.

Essential Tools and accessories you need to complete DIY painting:

  • Trip Pad/Paint Pad
  • Lock Jaw
  • Angeled Smaller Paint Brush
  • extender pole
  • Corner Paint Pad
  • Upper Body force
  • Paint roller
  • Paint bucket or container
  • Plenty of drop cloths
  • Paint tape

How to paint high places without a ladder – step by step guideline

DIY painting is an exciting job if you are doing well. You can take as much time as you need to complete the proper color combination and finishing.

But DIY painting comes with lots of difficulties and limitations. You can overcome those problems with proper guidelines and accessories. Here we will go through how you can paint high places without a ladder safely. 

Premature Preparation For Painting High Places

Premature Preparation For Painting High Places

Before starting DIY painting without a ladder, you have to make the place ready for painting. While applying paintings on the high walls the paint will spatter all over the place. It will create an ugly situation and damage all the important things in the room. So move important and moveable things in case of massive drops of paint.

After removing moveable things, cover all the immovable things like railings, lightings, floor, etc with drop cloths. Those clothes will protect immoveable things from getting damaged by paint drops. You may try to reduce the paint splatter situation with careful polishing. Since there is an easy solution to drop clots then why bother yourself.

Every room has valuable spots like baseboards that you don’t want to mess up with painting. Here you can apply drop cloths but that will be a complicated and time-consuming process. So you can use paint tapes to cover all those spots. After completing the painting you can easily remove them and the covered area will be the same as before.

Assembling painting accessories and gears

Assembling painting accessories and gears

Now your room or the place you are wanting to paint is ready to apply paint. Every painting work needs plenty of accessories to complete the whole process safely. In that case, you also need to assemble individual painting gears to start the process.

However, today we are going to paint high places without the help of a ladder or scaffolding. So, it is going to be a tricky job to complete without any unwanted issues. You have already seen what type of gears we need to DIY paint our ceilings and high places on the top of this article.

Now take the Trip Pad and attach it to the extension pole and measure how long the pole can go. If the pole reaches the ceiling effortlessly then extend and lock it to a perfect height. So that the pole can be stable while painting. 

There are three types of pads that you will need during painting high ceilings. One is an angled smaller paintbrush, the second is a corner paint pad and the third is a paint roller.

The meeting place of the walls is a hard place to paint, especially on the high ceiling and high place that is out of reach. The corner paint pad is for painting the corners of the walls. It is designed to cover the angled area.

The angled smaller paintbrush is best for a high-upper edge painting. The brush is cut at a proper angle so that the brush can fit on the edge.

You will see two types of angled smaller paint brushes. Experts suggest using a smaller brush than a bigger brush. The smaller one is easy to use and more reliable than the bigger one.

When you are done painting all the difficult spots then use the paint roller. You may think to use a pad but a roller is more useful than any other paint gear. Because it covers a wide area and is easy to maintain with an extendable stick.

Start Painting High Places 

Start Painting High Places 

After assembling the painting gears it is time to finally start painting the walls without ladders. However, you have to be confident about painting high places on your own. Otherwise, you might lose interest and make mistakes during the process. 

Start with measuring the top ceiling border line with the pole. Extend it as long as it stays hard and reaches the top border line.

If the pole is not stable enough then you have to use a higher pole that is at least 5 inches longer than the wall borderline. After gaining perfect and stable height with the extension pole now lock it.

Place the paint tray at a distance equal to the pole and yourself. That way you can reach the pain effortlessly without any complications. And the paint will not drop from the tray. 

You will not get a clear vision from that distance. So you have to be careful while dipping the brush bristles into the paint. If the bristles hold extra color then the painting will not be good and professional. 

Now politely raise the pole and start painting from the top border line/ceiling border. Use a paint pad to draw the line and then use a roller to finish the rest of the wall. 

But before applying a roller on the wall you need to paint difficult areas. Mostly the corners and wall edges are difficult places to reach. So, you need to adjust the extension pole to the perfect distance and apply suitable pads and brushes for different places. 

There is a general thing you have to follow, don’t roll the roller roughly on the wall. Painting is a decent job that needs time and steady. The more polite touch you spend the smooth the result will be. So, give your best effort from beginning to ending. 

Actually painting high places without ladders is easy but time-consuming. You can’t hurry up and finish the painting in a short time. Heigh places have plenty of hard areas that are beyond reach. 

Those places are also important for a good look at the area. So, you can’t miss painting those areas. However, you will see angled smaller paint brushes and corner paint pads to apply paint on the hard areas. 

But paint edger is a good alternative to securely paint the hard areas like wall edges and border lines. These types of pads are less messy and user-friendly. Honestly, you should try different pads to ensure the best output. 

Using extension poles is not the only way to paint high places without ladders. You can also use scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and other scaffolding solutions. 

But as we mentioned before that fear of height can make you fall from ladders. And also these alternatives are expensive like ladders. Moreover, an extension pole is the best way to safely paint high places without ladders and ladders alternatives. 

Final words

Ladders are a reliable tool that helps us fix house-related issues. Most of the time we can save money and time on our own by fixing issues in our house with the help of a ladder. However, a ladder is a good option to make changes in small areas. 

On the other hand, climbing on a tall ladder is not safe for anyone. Because it is one of the main reasons for ladder-related accidents. So this article will help you find out solutions and how you can apply alternatives to avoid ladders in high places.