Most Important 16 Best Ladder Accessories For Painting?

Without additional accessory support, ladders can’t provide you with the best service. If you want to increase the usability of a painting ladder then you have to consider using painting accessories.

Ladders are the greatest friend for professional indoor and outdoor home servicing professionals. We have to use ladders daily to inspect and repair our house. There are various kinds of ladders available that are suitable for different aspects. 

Here I have shortlisted the 16 best ladder accessories for painting ladder. All items are best for their type of work. So, the list will help you select the best tool for your painting ladder. 

How To Hold Paint While On Ladder

Well, painting is an exciting job that gives a new look to our living place. Recently, most people are doing DIY painting for their interior and exterior.

There is no doubt that painting is a task for professionals. If you want to do that by yourself then you have to be either professional or a rule follower. 

However, painting applications on ladders are possible in one situation. You will only have one free hand to hold the painting brush.

So, you will need some support to hold the paint bucket. Here you can be as far as creative with your garage to build a support system for holding the paint bucket. But you have to follow the safety procedure while climbing on a ladder for painting.

So, you can’t climb down or up to carry a paint bucket every time. You can’t hold the bucket by your hand either. That means you will need to use a hook or ladder accessories like a paint tray.

Creative hooks are designed for sitting on the rung and painting accessories have different types of installing features. Most of the ladder comes with essential accessories.

You can also buy any kind of accessories online. In a nutshell, You can easily hold the paint while on a ladder by using a hook or painting accessories like a paint tray

How Do You Use Ladder Accessories

Ladder accessories are really helpful for using the best of a ladder. It adds multifunctional usability with variety. Using a ladder while painting needs plenty of supportive extensions.

Suppose you are going to use a multi-purpose ladder to paint stairwells. Here you will need a ladder leg stabilizer to stabilize the legs on uneven floor. 

On the other hand, you may need plenty of different tools while working on a ladder application. Professionals use tool holder belts to hold all the tools.

You can use toolbox accessories for holding essential tools on top of the ladder. An extension ladder is a very good choice to work on tall spaces. You can convert a special step ladder variant to a platform ladder. There you will need platform accessories to complete the conversation.

That is not the end. Ladder manufacturers are making creative and useful accessories to make the ladder applications useful and handy. Here we will talk about the 16 best ladder accessories for painting.

16 Best Ladder Accessories For Painting

1. Paint can holder for ladder

Paint can holder for ladder

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A paint can holder is the most important accessory that is needed in a painting job. Actually, a paint can is a heavy item. So it is hard to carry it every time to the top of the ladder.

It is a clever decision to hold the can on top of the ladder. You can’t hold the can by yourself during painting. Because your only one hand will be free for holding the brush. There will be no one to help you paint on the ladder. That is why you will need a paint can holder. 

This paint can holder is compatible with fiberglass, wood, and aluminum ladder. It only weighs 8 ounces and is built of aluminum material. This can holder is easy to install with every ladder variation in a secure position.

The design is strong and stable. This ladder accessory provides a wide-open area so that the can might be opened easily. You could install the can holder on the top sidebar of your ladder leg. So that you can use the paint bucket freely. This item is durable enough as a paint can. So you can use it for a long time.

2. Paint Can Caddy

Paint Can Caddy

It is a kind of hook that holds things. We need to climb high places to paint on a ladder. It is quite irritating and overwhelming to climb down every time to take paint-related items.

That is why we need to use supporting accessories that can reduce the pain of climbing down every time. Especially holding the paint can or bucket needs special treatment to stay on top of the ladder. 

This paint can caddy is the perfect solution to give special treatment to your painting job. It looks like a baseball bat with a can holder hook. You can install it into the rungs hole.

So, the movement of the ladder leg stabilizer will be free of blocking. This can caddy can hold a 10kg or 22lbs weight paint can. It is built with aluminum material and weighs only 14.4 ounces. So it is strong and lightweight. 

3. Ladder paint holder

Ladder paint holder

A Ladder paint tank is the ideal accessory for painters instead of using a paint can hook. This little giant ladder paint holder is a tank that can hold a full gallon of fluid or paint.

That means you don’t have to refill it repeatedly. It has a wide-open area that is suitable for a paint roller. It comes in a vertical mood and has arms that are used to hang the tank to the rungs. The two arms are flexible to fit in any type of little giant painting ladder. 

This paint holder is made of plastic material. It only weighs 2.2 pounds without fluid. A magnetic bar is attached to its body. This magnetic bar holds your roller and brush at a safe distance from the paint. So that you can work properly without spitting paint all over the surface.

Because of the build of plastic, you can leave the tank for a night after painting. Then in the morning, you can easily peel the paint from the tank. You can use this paint tank for any type of painting and cleaning stuff like window cleaning.

4. Paint buckets for ladders

Paint buckets for ladders

This handy ladder pail is an awesome accessory for DIY painting jobs. It is big enough for doing any kind of painting and cleaning indoor or outdoor. It’s made of plastic material. This paint tank is capable of holding a full gallon of paint or similar fluid. It comes with a disposable liner to save the main body from paint.

It has an open area that fits 9 inches of paint roller easily. There is a magnetic bar that holds a brush or other paint tool far from the liquid. A simple ladder holding brackets keep the tank secure on top of the ladder. This painting accessory is suitable for step and extension ladders. 

5. Paint tray for ladder

Paint tray for ladder

It is a plastic paint tray with a two-quart capacity. It only weighs 9.4 ounces. This paint tray is rust-proof. It has a perfect design for working with a paint roller brush. The molded-rib design of this accessory has two non-stretchy legs. 

Those legs are well fitted with most of the ladder rung. So you can use this tray with every painting ladder. You can easily peel the dry paint from the tray. It would be great if this paint tray comes with strong ladder hook safety.

6. Painters utility belt

Painters utility belt

Ladder-related work is a tricky job if you don’t have enough safety and tool support. Climbing to the top of a ladder without tools will waste most of the working time. So we need to find a solution to carry all the tools to the top. In that case, a utility belt is a wise solution to that problem.

However, Dickies 8-pocket padded utility belt is a perfect addition to a painting job. It has eight supporting pockets for holding tools during work.

It provides four interior pockets for holding small tools and the other four pockets are for holding large tools. This painter’s utility belt is durable in any situation. The waist fetting is great with a plastic quick-release buckle. 

7. Little giant project tray

Little giant project tray

This little giant project tray is capable of holding 25 lbs weight. The versatile design with a plastic build makes it durable. It is not appropriate for tool holding but also suitable for painting jobs.

Especially for DIY painting jobs. However, you can use this accessory to hold power cords, screwdrivers, knives, and other tools including a paint roller brush.

This project tray has a custom-fitted paint can slot. So, the painting will be smooth and spitting-free. The two aluminum rung holders are not adjustable but well fitted. This item is compatible with the little giant multi-purpose ladder. 

8. Little giant work platform

Little giant work platform

It is similarly designed with a little giant project tray. But the intention of this item is different. This item is a work platform that gives valuable support during working on a ladder.

The little giant work platform accessory only works with multi-use and articulating ladders. This accessory can hold the same weight as the ladder holds.

Installation is easy and fast. You don’t have to screw any nuts or bolts. It has two legs that fit on the lower ladder rung. And the slip-less platform block fit on the upper rug.

The platform is made with aluminum so it is strong, durable, and lightweight. You can use two platforms while doing the painting. One is for holding a paint can with a brush and the other will be for you to stand on it.

9. Little giant 10111 wing span wall standoff

Little giant 10111 wing span wall standoff

Working on a Christmas tree or upper from a window could be hard with a regular ladder. So there you will need to use an appropriate ladder with supporting accessories. Actually, the little giant 10111 wing span wall standoff is the right thing to do the above-mentioned work.

However, this item only works with a little giant multi-use ladder. The installation is a little hard for the first-timer. But it maintains every safety procedure while installing.

This item comes with a center housing that has a safety lock with a thumbscrew. It also has two big-size aluminum bars with a lock. That lock helps the bar to fit safely in the housing. This wingspan wall standoff makes it possible to work with obstacles.

10. Provisiontools apvt pivit ladder leveling tool

Provisiontools apvt pivit ladder leveling tool

This ladder leveling tool is a surprise in the field of ladder universes. It is a multi usable accessory that is strong, durable, and portable. You can use this to level the ladder in uneven places. This item could be used as a tool holder, stabilizer, and paint can holder.

It is made with polypropylene and can support up to 500 lbs weight. This provisiontools apvt pivit ladder leveling tool is lightweight.

So it won’t add any extra weight to the ladder. You will fall in love while painting with a step ladder. Because you will be able to use two separate leveling tools to stabilize and paint the tray.

11. Ladder Leveler Stabilizer

Ladder Leveler Stabilizer

Every ladder needs a stabilizer to stabilize on uneven surfaces. Otherwise, you will be unable to work on stairs. That is why ladder manufacturer companies made different types of levelers or stabilizers. In the case of safety and productivity, this stabilizer is a suitable choice. 

It is a complete leveler kit that comes with two base units and one leveler. You can extend the ladder maximum of 10 inches from the surface with this leveler.

This accessory is made with aluminum and works perfectly with aluminum, fiberglass, wooden ladder. This ladder leveler stabilizer also meets ANSI and OSHA requirements with type 1AA weight holding capacity.

12. Ladder tool holder

Ladder tool holder

Little giant ladders make awesome and useful ladder accessories from the beginning. Cargo hold tool pouches are one of them. It is made with ballistic nylon and steel.

So there is no doubt about the stability and durability of this product. It is designed to place all the tools organized. 

The two steel bars are for mounting it with the ladder rungs. It can hold a maximum of 25 pounds of weight. The initial weight of this ladder tool holder is ‎1 pound. This item works well on most of the little giant ladders. 

13. Vintage ladder jacks

Vintage ladder jacks

This body Vintage ladder jack is a helpful addition to the painting work. This item helps to connect two ladders in the same position to make a platform while painting. This two-rung short body ladder jack is easy to set up. It is designed with two easy to install rung holders. And the level adjustable feature makes it more usable. 

However, it is made with strong aluminum. So the two rung holders are strong enough to hold a full-grown man. You can only fit this jack to a round and D-shaped rung. It only weighs 4.5 pounds but can hold an 18″ wide plank. In a nutshell, it is a little investment with more usability.

14. Bucket hook for ladder

Bucket hook for ladder

Painting on a ladder is a common thing all around the world. People are being creative while doing painting with supportive items. A bucket hook for a ladder is a basic idea that comes from that time. However, this swivel pot paint can hook is made with alloy steel.

It works with every ladder that exists. You can use this hook for not only holding paint cans but also other hanging-related tasks. This hook is capable of holding 1-gallon and 5-gallon pails. This single hook can be the best accessory while working on a painting project.

15. Ladder-Aide Pro

Ladder-Aide Pro

Ladder aide pro is basically a ladder leg leveler. This type of accessory is needed while working on uneven places like stairs. Though some of the ladders come with built-in levelers most of the ladders don’t have this feature. So you will need to buy it separately. 

Speaking of the best ladder leveler, this item could be your best buddy. However, this ladder aide pro is built with alloy steel. So it is strong, durable, and lightweight. The upper holding area is capable of fitting a maximum foot size width of 22″ and 7.5″. It is easy to use and easy to install leg levelers. 

16. Ladder bumpers

Ladder bumpers

A ladder bumper is an item that prevents slippery surfaces. It also prevents the ladder legs from scratching. No bull extension ladder bumpers are only made for extension ladders. These rubber bumpers are sun-resistant and weatherproof. So, you can use it for indoor and outdoor projects in all seasons. 

These bumpers are easy to install and uninstall. The diamond dotted design holds a tight and secure grip on all kinds of surfaces. That is why it is the best ladder bumper accessory for an extension ladder. 

Tips For Painting on a Ladder

Appropriate ladder selection: 

There are plenty of ladder varieties on the market. One is better than the other. But not all of them are suitable for every ladder-related task. You have to be more careful when selecting the ladder, especially for painting.

Here you might get confused with the ladder variations. But you have to select the ladder according to the height, weight, load capacity, and position changing feature. 

You can consider selecting a step ladder, extension ladder, telescoping ladder, platform ladder, multi-position ladder, or multi-purpose ladder for painting applications. Choosing the right height with a strong material build will be the best deal about painting a ladder.

Ensure Ladder Safety:

Safety is a must-have term while working on a ladder. Every year plenty of people die from ladder-related accidents. Especially when people work in high places on a ladder, accidents happen. So, you must follow all the safety precautions before climbing on a ladder. 

Nowadays, ladders come with various kinds of safety modules. You just have to ensure that modules are working or not. Then you can climb up with painting tools.

Use Ladder Accessories:

Every ladder has dedicated painting accessories to make the job easier. You should try to use them to boost your working progress. However, there are plenty of accessories available for every kind of ladder. For example, leg leveler, stabilizer, hook, paint tank, paint tank, etc. 

You can choose from them to set up the ladder properly in every place. Those accessories not only ensure stability but also increase usability. So help yourself by applying various essential ladder accessories during painting or other ladder-related applications.

Wear Gloves and Boots:

Gloves and boots are an important part of working on a ladder. Sometimes you might not need to wear gloves but you can’t skip wearing boots. Boots will give you a strong grip on the rungs.

It also saves the foot from getting hurt from standing on tiny rungs for a long time. Working on a painting job you can skip wearing industrial gloves but you have to use general gloves. 

Proper Ladder Setup:

Proper ladder setup is an essential thing. Your job will not be done until you properly set up the ladder. Vulnerable ladder setting is a major cause of ladder-related accidents. So there is no consideration about it. However, you have to check the setup of the ladder before climbing on it. 

Final Thought For Best Ladder Accessories For Painting 

Ladder accessories added extra capability to the ladder. You can convert a simple ladder into a multi-use ladder with the help of accessories. Most of the time painting applications need additional support for the ladder.

In that situation, painting accessories for the ladder works extraordinarily. So this post will help you to select the best ladder accessories with the best ladders for painting or cleaning windows.