A Perfect Chart For Little Giant Ladder Weight In 2023

Ladders are a trustworthy and essential tool for house and workplace maintenance. It helps us to install new lighting fixtures, clean, paintings, etc in our homes.

Since we use ladders for mostly daily ladder applications, it has to be strong but lighter. 

Otherwise, moving around will be hard and can bring bad experiences, especially for older people. People usually get confused while buying a ladder about how much weight is suitable for them. 

In this article, we will know how much does a little giant ladder weight. So that we can compare and decide other company ladders weights according to our needs. 

How Much Does Little giant ladders weight?

Ladder weight depends on the height and material build. So a 15 ft Stainless steel step ladder would be heavier than a 15 ft aluminum ladder. 

On the other hand, a 42 ft ladder will not be the same weight as a 20 ft ladder. So here we will enlighten with the height variations of the little giant ladder weight.

Classification of Little Giant ladder material

There are five types of ladder material available. Every material is different from others but their motive is the same. So let’s dive deep into those materials that make our ladder sturdy and lifesaver.

1. Aluminum Ladder 

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Aluminum is a mind-blowing lightweight but strong material in the building industry. The chemical build of Aluminum metal is strong and can fight for a long time against heat, corrosion, and bad weather. 

Because of the lightweight feature, it is one of the popular metals for making strong ladders. You can use aluminum ladders for your domestic or industrial needs. 

You will find plenty of ladder veriasions in Aluminum build such as step ladder, plank scaffolding, frame ladder, and other versatile ladder.

As I said before, these aluminum metal-built ladders are easy to carry and survive for a long time. 

2. Fiberglass Ladder

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Thinking of a strong and electricity resistance ladder, a fiberglass ladder might be your only best option. Because it is strong and durable. You can use fiberglass ladders for your domestic and industrial applications. 

It comes in various colors and configuration, so you can choose any matching color. On the other hand, fiberglass is a pricy metal that can cause you a little more than aluminum or other metal ladders. 

But if you consider durability and heavy-duty features, then fiberglass ladders will satisfy you. 

3. Stainless Steel Ladder

There will be no hard match between steel and other industrial material for ladders. Because, steel is the most strong material compared with wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic. Steel ladders are more convenient for industrial applications. 

Because it is not suitable for lighter works. Stainless steel ladder provides the best performance for heavy-duty applications. In addition, steel ladder maintenance is hard for other ladder materials. It catches rust often.  

4. Wooden Ladder 

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From the beginning of time, wood has provided a good service for ladders. Before any metal revolution came, wood was the only way to make ladders. 

Though wooden ladders can carry the heavy weight it is not suitable for industrial use. So, you can only use this type of ladder for general uses in your home. 

5. Plastic Ladder

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Plastic ladders are not suitable for industrial uses. Because it is not that hard to carry heavy weight. You can use them for household chores. 

However, plastic ladders are usually used for lighter tasks. In addition, plastic ladders are easy to use and budget-friendly. 

You already know which metals are used for making ladders. Now you can easily imagine which ladder type will be heavier in day-to-day use. But before you proceed, I would like to introduce the duty rates of ladders. 

So that you can measure how much lbs it actually matters compared with your body weight and the height of the ladder.

Ladder Duty Rates

III – Light Duty

Type III duty rating ladders are mostly suitable for only household chords. This type of ladder is for normal domestic work and is not capable of holding more than 200 lbs weight. The length of type III ladders stays between 3 to 6 feet. So, you can use this type of ladder for lighter applications.

II – Medium Duty

Medium duty ladders are suitable for any commercial or domestic applications. Especially if you are going to fix the lighting or decoration or painting then 225 lbs ladders are going to be the safest choice. 

On the other hand, type II ladders are capable of helping you on more than 20 feet above. So, the length and the weight capacity make type II a medium-duty trustworthy tool.

I – Heavy Duty

Type I is a portion of the heavy-duty ladder that is suitable for any domestic and industrial use. Every Type I ladder is capable of holding 250 lbs weight and can reach more than 20 feet. So you can use this duty rating ladder for your household and commercial applications.

IA – Extra Heavy Duty

Type IA is the most common duty rating for ladders. This type of ladder can hold 300 lbs. This weight is suitable for people of every age. In addition, IA duty rating ladders are perfect for any domestic and commercial uses. 

However, you should choose a ladder that can fulfill your every need and reach more than 20 feet with the capability of holding a grown man.

IAA – Extra Heavy Duty

Type IAA is mainly manufactured for holding more than 375 lbs weight. So, these types of ladders are generally used for industrial purposes. 

These types of ladders are suitable for every hard task like construction and types of machinery. As we know IAA is a subcategory of a heavy-duty section, so its length is more than 20 feet long.

Now you have the proper knowledge about the material and duty rates of the ladders. Honestly, you can now measure what weight will be convenient for your situation. But you don’t need to worry because I am here to help you out. 

As we know Little Giant is a renowned ladder manufacturer company. It builds every type of ladder that is helpful for both the domestic and industrial world. 

Since the user experience and company reputation depends on the ladder usability, we have to pinpoint the actual situation. Let’s find out how much a little giant ladder weighs.

Final Words

Without proper knowledge of ladder weight, you might buy a ladder that is not suitable for your needs. So, before selecting a ladder for your place, learn how you can choose the best ladder for you. 

This article has all the necessary information about how much a little giant ladder weighs. So by reading this article you can measure the weight that is suitable for you. 


How much does a 22 ft Little Giant ladder weigh?

A 22 ft little giant Aluminum ladder weighs 38 lbs and can carry up to 300 lbs weight. On the other hand, the fiberglass build is quite heavier than the Aluminum version. It apparently weighs 46 lbs.

How much does a 26 foot Little Giant ladder weigh?

Little giant only produces an Aluminum variation of a 26-foot ladder. It is capable of carrying 300 lbs and weighs 49.5 lbs.

How much does a 28 Little Giant ladder weigh?

A 28 ft ladder is a huge foundation. As usual, it is heavier than other smaller ladders. But you will not find big weight changes between a 26-foot Aluminum ladder and a 28 ft fiberglass ladder. However, a 28 ft fiberglass little giant ladder weighs 50 lbs.

Are Little Giant ladders any good?

Little giant ladders are not only good but also the best. They produce numerous types of strong ladders every year. The user reviews are also so good. However, they made all the ladders with strong and durable capacity. So you can use little giant ladders for your industrial or household applications.

Is there anything else that I should know about using a little giant ladder weight?

Yes, you have to consider one thing about using little giant ladders. As we know the company manufactured plenty of ladder types with various material variations, so you have to select a ladder that can be lighter for daily use. 

If you don’t have any physical issues then you should buy ladders that can carry at least 300 lbs weight and are tall between 12 ft 22 ft. Because this range of ladders is lightweight and capable of industrial and domestic applications. 

What is a little giant ladder weight and how much does it weigh?

Every ladder load capacity is ensured by the duty ratings. But the duty ratings don’t manipulate the whole ladder weight. So, if you want to measure the weight of a little giant ladder then focus on the material and the height of the ladder. 

Which is the best Little Giant combination ladder?

There are three main combinations of ladders available from little giants. Such as King Combo, King Combo 2, and Sentinel. 

According to the manufacturer, King Combo 2 and Sentinel are equally better. The King Combo 2 weighs 22 lbs and the Sentinel weighs 48 lbs. So, now you can decide which one can provide you with the best service.

How tall does a little giant ladder go?

OSHA and ANSI standards classified the height as a safe point. So your 17 ft little giant extension ladder, scaffolding and telescoping ladder will provide you maximum reach of between 15 ft to 17 ft. 

On the other hand, the 26 ft ladder will give you a safe reach at 23 ft max. You can extend it to 26 ft but it will decrease the safety of the ladder.

How much does a little giant ladder weigh?

How much the ladder weighs depends on the height and material built. A 17 ft Aluminum ladder will weigh 32 lbs on the other hand a 17 ft fiberglass ladder will weigh 39 lbs. Both the ladders can carry up to 300 lbs weight.

What are the dimensions of the Little Giant ladder?

The little giant ladder dimension is related to the height of the ladder. For example, a 13 ft aluminum ladder dimension is 43 x 23 x 9 inches. On the other hand, a 26 ft little giant ladder dimension is 79.72 x 31.3 x 8.07 inches.