Tips For Painting 2 Story House

Are you having trouble with how you can paint a 2 story house? I am here to reduce the tension with my painting experience and tricks.

A two-story house is twice the size of a one-story house. So, the height of the exterior is really tall and impossible to reach in person. 

So, during the time of renovating the house with paint, we face complications. The good news is that we can easily reach those hard places without professional help. 

But to do that, we need to use the proper tools and processes. Let’s get enlightened with painter’s tips for painting a 2 story house like a professional.

1 Warming Up Before Painting Your House

Painting a house is an exciting experience. It creates a new and beautiful look in our house. Many people do that to improvise their way of life. 

As we know painting is a boring and time-consuming job. But recently, we can easily boost up the process by applying modern tools, like ladders, painting Ladder accessories etc.

However, before every task, we have to make a plan. Otherwise, the task will not be appropriate. 

That is why we need to warm up before starting a painting job. Here you will have to calculate how much height and width needs to be painted. 

As we are talking about painting a 2 story house with the best ladder, we need to remember the complication of painting in high places. So we might need tall ladders that can ensure safety while working in a high place.

Overall, gathering all the necessary equipment is the key to successfully painting a two-story house.

2 Premature Painting Preparation

Warming up and premature painting preparation seems the same thing but it is not. Actually, Warming up is the calculation and planning to complete the whole DIY painting job. On the other hand, premature preparation is a wide sector. 

However, first of all, you have to perform a pressure washer method to clean the surface that you are willing to paint. You might be set back by the cost of washer pressure. But a two-story house is twice the size of a one-story house. 

So you can’t reach all the exterior areas easily. The washer pressure method will help you to do the cleaning job easily. 

After cleaning the painting area, focus on preparing the surface. Inspect the surface for damages. Because the paint won’t finish well if the surface is damaged or defective. So you will need to fix this damage before going to the next part. 

However, the wet surface will not hold paint on it so you have to leave it to dry. In the meantime, cover all the areas with tape so that the paint split will not damage those areas. 

You also need drop cloths to cover expensive things that are not removable on the floor. And move all the removable things like furniture, TV, and carpets to a safe place. 

Now you have done an excellent job and prepared the place to renovate with a new look. 

3 Prepare The Paint And Tools

Since you are reading this article, I suppose you have made your choice of what type and color painting you are going to apply in your house. So let it be that way. But, as an amateur painter, you might spoil the whole exterior painting experience. Only the right tool and dedication can make it alright.  

About the tools, you will need to gather a paint roller, different-sized paint brushes, paint bucket or tray, extension pole, paintbrush, Primer, and ladders. When you have gathered all the necessary tools and paint you can begin with the next process.

4 Start Painting With Confident

The painting job is a repetitive task that makes anyone bored. The two-story house painting is not an enjoyable thing. Because painting a high and wide area needs more effort than a one-story house. So you will need to split the whole process to complete the job safely and securely.  

Exterior painting needs to last longer compared with interior painting Because it needs to fight rain, wind, and other bad weather situations. So it needs to be strong enough to fight with them.

That is why you should use a primer before actually painting. The primer will create a strong and durable coat that will hold the paint more securely. 

Then, prepare all the necessary painting tools for its final battle. Start with setting up a safe and secure lifting device like a ladder.

In that case, you may go with the best two story ladders for painting high walls or the best 1 story ladder for painting the lower portion of your house.

As I said before, painting high places on a ladder is not secure. No matter if it is a one-story house or a two-story house.

I am not saying using a ladder is totally insecure, but we have less risky alternatives. The alternatives should be painting high places without a ladder

However, if you are serious about doing the whole painting on your own then you should use a boom truck with the lift bucket. It is one of the safest ways to work in high places without risk.

On the other hand, you can set up scaffolding but it will cost more time and money. 

Those two options come in handy and are expensive too. Then how should we fulfill our painting mission? In that case, we can easily paint the lower portion of the walls and then hire professionals to paint the higher portion. That will lower the expense and time. 

Honestly, we can make any painting project less expensive by applying the proper tools. 

Bottom Line 

Every work is hard if you can’t find and apply the right tool. Painting a two-story house needs the perfect tool to complete the job safely. Using a boom truck with a lift bucket and scaffolding is the right but expensive choice. 

But working at that height is nothing compared to safety. All I wanted to say is that it would be great if you can collect some advice from professional painters to complete the task easily but securly.