Top 5 Best Ladders For Painting Stairs In 2023

Painting stairs is not an easy job. Especially if you are going to DIY paint your stairs. A stair surface is an uneven place so a regular ladder will not be suitable for that. You will lose your balance and fall on the floor and get injured.

Why would someone use a regular ladder for painting stairs if there is a better option? Instead of using regular ladders, we should use specialized multi-purpose ladders that have essential specifications. This article will help you choose the best ladders for painting stairs.

Authors Top Picks

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution with Ratchet Levelers, M17

It is a strong 17ft aluminum ladder that can carry 300 lbs on both sides. It is a stairs ladder for painting with an A-frame ladder, storage, and 90-degree positions. Check the latest price here.

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Comie 330lb 12.5ft Multi Purpose

It is a foldable and heavy-duty ladder. It can carry 330 lbs on both sides. Easy to use and strong build makes it worthy. Check the latest price here.

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Little Giant Ladders, Multi-Position Ladder Epic, M17, 17 Foot

This is suitable for every kind of painting project, especially stairways. The build and weight make it giant but working. Check the latest price here.

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What Kind Of Ladders Do You Need To Paint Staircase/Stairwells?

As we know, painting staircases or stairwells is a tricky task. It needs a special kind of ladder with portability that has every possible extension.

There are plenty of different types of ladders available for painting jobs. We have to know about ladders before choosing which one is suitable for staircase painting. This method will help us find the best ladders for stairs.

However, a painting ladder weighs around 6-60 pounds, and it can handle 300 pounds of weight. In addition, a standard staircase ladder can be expanded up to 32 feet. You will need to check the weight and height capability before selecting painting ladders.

Combination Ladder

It is a portable ladder with several sections, easily foldable so you can assemble the sections differently as you need. You can add or remove extensions to adjust the height according to your job.

Combination ladders are highly adjustable and secure for uneven floors. That makes it a suitable stairway painting ladder. This type of ladder gives 360-degree reach with stability. So painting stairs or the roof is going to be a satisfying job.

However, combination ladders for stairs come in two or three types of section design. Those designs help the ladder to adjust on uneven surfaces.  So the design of your stairs is not a fact to worry about at all.

Multi-Purpose Ladder

This type of ladder is a next-level tool suitable for every work. For example, you can use this kind of ladder in gardening, painting, cleaning the roof, or fixing the bulb. This multi-use ladder is used for completing various ladder-related tasks.

However, the multi-purpose ladder has four different sections. Every two sections are connected to the other two hinges. You can remove those two hinges to make a platform ladder.

This means you can change the configuration depending on your needs. That capability makes a multi-purpose ladder most usable for uneven grounds like stairs.

On the other hand, you could reduce the cost of DIY painting with this ladder. You won’t need different models because multi-purpose ladders can adjust the configuration for every possible position.

Check Out For Possible Risk Before Using Ladders For Stairs Painting

Painting houses is an art. If you are taking the risk of painting your stairs, we recommend hiring a professional. Besides, you can DIY paint your stairs independently. When planning the stair painting, there are some cautions you have to obtain.

Significantly, the safety precautions and other related problems. Let’s discuss the most important possible risks of using ladders.

Uneven Floor Surface

We know that the floor surface of a stair is not flat and impossible to place the ladder in an even position. Because of the uneven position of the surface, the ladder could slip at any time.

Failing with painting accessories on the stairs could cause major injury to your body. To avoid this common problem, you have to measure the top steps to adjust your ladder perfectly.

Height Of Staircase

The height of almost every staircase is equal to two stories. That is why you have to extend the ladder higher to reach the top.

But when you expand the ladder to its maximum height, it will be vulnerable to slipping and can cause damage to your body. Considering the risk of accidents, you have to be more careful while painting stairs.

Limited Space

Painting stairs in a narrow area is a risky job. You will face difficulties during adjusting the ladder leg on the stairs. You may slip or misbalance and fall from the ladder. So take proper safety precautions while working in a limited space.

Best 5 Ladders For Painting Stairs

There are a lot of ladders you can use but here we are going to recommend ladders that are especially helpful for painting stairs. That’s why painter’s choice or any DIY lover easily trusts these for painting their stairs.

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution With Ratchet Levelers, M17

This is a multi-usable ladder. It is one of the best models from little giant ladder systems. Most of the top-rated ladder has the ability to hold 300 pounds. Luckily the revolution ladder can hold a total of 600 pounds on both sides.

The M17 ladder is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight. It only weighs 38.5 pounds. The little giant revolution ladder comes in black color. It meets all the OSHA and ANSI standards with 1A certificate.

The maximum reach of M17 is 17 ft. You can expand the ladder leg to get your desired maximum height easily. You won’t need any helping hand to reposition the ladder leg or change the task.

Though this extension ladder build is not that good for other work, you can perfectly work on stairways. I would recommend it for stairways working only.

You can use it for other work but you won’t be satisfied with the performance. It is more likely good for storage, A-frame, and 90-degree position.

Latest Price

Our Verdict

The little giant revolution M17 ladder is suitable for high places. If you want to clean and fix your roof or want to paint high places then the M17 is the best choice.

Werner MT-17 Telescoping Ladder

The Werner company didn’t compromise the build quality of the MT-17 telescoping ladder. It is made with aluminum so that it can be strong but lightweight.

But it is still heavy enough for older people. You will need a helping hand to use some positions.

The Werner MT-17 ladder is built for multi-purpose use. It is not only perfect for painting your stairs but also for other tasks. This ladder has the capability of changing in 20 different positions that cover every possible situation of using a ladder at work. 

Werner MT-17 telescoping-ladders

The weight-bearing capacity varies with positions. So you have to experiment with this ladder. However, the MT-17 ladder can carry 300 pounds per side in the step ladder position. 

The MT-17 can reach a maximum height of 18 ft. It is quite an average height to work on stairways. The useability of this ladder can be easily extended by installing extensions.

It has all the essential support for safety precautions. Overall this is a perfect stairs ladder for indoor and outdoor painting.

Our Verdict

The MT-17 telescoping ladder is strong and a little heavy for old people. You can use the stair ladders for decorating your interior.

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity, M13

We need a strong, stable, and multi-configurable ladder to install lighting fixtures or paint the stairs. Velocity ladder M13 is here to complete all those tasks. Velocity M13 is made for industrial-grade working with high-quality material.

So you can use it under any circumstance. This ladder weighs only 25 pounds. Its weight is quite lighter for easy portability. M13 can carry 300 lbs in both legs. The maximum height reach of this ladder is 13 ft. Dual pin hinges are a new addition to this ladder to ensure safety.

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity

This ladder doesn’t have a safety lock to prevent the free fall of the extensions. You have to take your fingers off the path while taking the extension down for storage position. Otherwise, there is a chance you could cut down your fingers.

So you have to be careful before releasing the extensions. M13 works fine in the A-frame positions. It helps with cleaning gutters and other related tasks. Though his ladder is good but not the best for every ladder work. But you will find the satisfactory result of the ladder for painting stairwells.

Our Verdict

Velocity M13 is an industrial-grade aluminum build. It only reaches 13 ft from the surface. You can use this strong but lighter ladder for indoor and outdoor painting tasks.

Comie 330lb 12.5ft Multi-Purpose

Comie 330lb is a different kind of ladder suitable for painting tasks. Besides all other multi-purpose ladders, this one is a foldable ladder with a scaffold frame. So you can fold the ladder four times. That means you can fit it in narrow and high spaces.

However, multi-function and slip-resistant designs make Comie 330lb reliable and usable. This ladder is built with aircraft-grade aluminum. That is the reason for its versatility and heavy-duty usability.

This contraction makes the ladder capable of holding 330 pounds. The maximum height reach of this ladder in the scaffold system is 12.5 ft.

Comie 330lb 12.5ft Multi Purpose

The comie 12.5 ft ladder has security locks. So you won’t get any injury while repositioning the ladder legs. It is licensed under EN131 for safety. The design is simple and versatile. Because of the thin top-rung, you can’t stay on them longer.

So you will need to wear boots so that your feet don’t get hurt for thin rungs. You can use it for plenty of indoor and outdoor household tasks. We already know this ladder is foldable, and this feature makes it suitable for painting stairs. It is one of the best stair ladders for painting of its kind.

Our Verdict

Comie 330lb is made with aircraft-grade aluminum. It can handle more weight than usual ladders. It is foldable so you can use it as a platform ladder.

Little Giant Ladders, Multi-Position Ladder Epic, M17, 17 foot

I am kind of a fan of this little giant ladder. Especially for staircase painting. This epic M17 ladder is not highly lightweight. It weighs 38 pounds and can hold 300 pounds in both legs. It has working rachet leg levelers.

That leveler feature is used for adjusting the legs on uneven surfaces. So we can use it usually on rough places like stairs. So placing a photo on the stair walls is going to be easy.

Little Giant Ladders, Epic, M17

The ladder inner and outer building is strong and stylish, and it maintains proper safety precautions. It is an IA-rated ladder that meets all the OSHA and ANSI standards.

This multi-purpose ladder reaches a maximum of 18 ft from the surface. You can adjust the height according to your needs.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, you can easily use it or learn how to use it. Epic M17 is a heavy ladder, but it is sturdy for work. Because of the heaviness, you will need a helping hand to change the ladder position.

Sometimes you might not be willing to climb this ladder for every task. But the M17 is one of the perfectly suitable stairwell ladders for massive painting.

Our Verdict

Little giant has made plenty of useful ladders. Epic M17 is one of the best ladder. It is flexible in design and can change multiple positions. That makes it perfect for massive painting tasks.

Important Things To Notice When Choosing The Staircase Painting Ladder

You have to consider some essential facts before choosing a staircase painting ladder. Let’s have a look at them.

Reach Or Height capability

Painting a staircase is a matter of heights and reach. If you are not able to reach every area of your staircase, then the painting will be incomplete. You have to check the height of your staircase so that there won’t be any inconvenience during the painting.

Build Of The Ladder

Aluminum or fiberglass, which one is best? Those two types have different capabilities and benefits. So choose the type that is lightweight and ensures durability.

Weight Of The Ladder

The weight of a ladder is a countable fact. Heavy-weight ladders are hard for moving and changing positions. So if you want a portable ladder for stairs, you have to choose a lightweight ladder.

Types Of Ladders

For better stairs, a painting extension ladder is the best. Because it has perfect weight distribution and stability, then step ladders. Stepladder freestyling facilities and extension ladders could be repositioned in various positions.

Ladder Accessories for Painting Stairs

Accessories of ladders are always helping tools to use ladders safely. There are some related to our picks.

Ladder Stabilizer For Stairs

Ladder Stabilizer For Stairs

It is a level stabilizer that works like a trestle. When we paint the stairs, we need to adjust the ladder leg on the uneven ground. We can change the ladder leg according to the rough surface with level stabilizer ladder accessories.

This stabilizer can be fitted with an aluminum, fiberglass, or wood-made ladder. It can extend over 10 inches. This kit contains one leveler with two base units. This leveler is made workable for two-step-sized ladders and doesn’t fit in the three-step-sized ladder.

Ladder Aide For Stairs

Ladder Aide For Stairs

It is a ladder kit used for stabilizing extension and telescopic ladder. This item doesn’t work for platform ladders and steps ladders. It is safe and micro-adjustable.

This kit is stable, and no installation is needed. Overall it is a portable ladder kit that helps ladders give extra leg support on stairs.

Platform For Painting Stairs

Platform For Painting Stairs

For painting stairs, we need a standing platform to keep the necessary things. This adjustable and portable wide platform is usable in any stair painting ladder.

It is a non-slip aluminum plank. And it has adjustable length compatibility features. Its configuration is lightweight so that you can carry it to different places.

Adjustable Work Platform For Stairs

Adjustable Work Platform For Stairs

This is a simple and strong tool tray for your ladder. It is keeping all necessary tools that you cannot carry yourself on the ladder. This kit can hold 374.8 pounds of weight. This adjustable work platform is small and easy to install.

Ladder Box For Stairs

Ladder Box For Stairs

This is a ladder leveling kit for uneven surfaces. It is made with polypropylene, so it is strong enough to carry 500 lbs. On the other hand, this ladder box is durable, strong, works indoor and outdoor, is portable, and ensures universal fit.

Final Thought For Selecting The Best Ladder For Painting Stairs

As usual or regular ladder will not work correctly while painting a stairway. To help you pick the right ladder, I have provided the five best ladders for painting stairs.

Every ladder on the list is suitable for multi-use including painting stairs. By reading the whole article, you can choose which one will work for you. No matter which ladder you choose, obviously remember to obey the safety precautions.


How To Use A Ladder On Stairs To Paint

Stairs is an uneven place and using a ladder on stairs is a difficult task. Here you will need to follow safety precautions to place the ladder on the stairs.

You will need a supporting platform while using a ladder for stairs painting. That platform helps the ladder legs to stay in an even position.

How To Place A Ladder On Stairs

You can either use a wooden platform or can buy a solid platform to secure the ladder leg on the stairs. Though there you will find a leg adjustable ladder for painting above stairs but using a platform works better for holding the grip.

In the case of using a platform ladder, combination ladder, or extension ladder, you have to use a platform or leg stabilizer on the stairs.

How Do You Set Up A Ladder To Paint A Stairwell

At the very beginning, you have to secure the ladder legs by applying a stabilizer or platform. You will need to measure the steps distance of the stairs to adjust the stabilizer or the platform.

After that, you have to adjust the height of the ladder according to the height for painting a stairwell ceiling. If everything is good then check the stability of the ladder and climb to paint.