Werner Ladder VS Little Giant- Top 4 Comparison For Easy Pick

We are going to compare the two leading brands of Werner Ladder VS Little Giant. Both companies have been making quality products for over 100 years. But which one is better? This article will help you to decide on which ladder to buy.

In this comparison, the Werner MT 26 ladder is compared against the Little Giant 15426 ladder. And Werner 17′ MT Multipurpose Ladder against Little Giant 17′ Alta One Ladder.

These ladders have many of the same features, but some important differences should be considered when choosing which one to buy and why?

Both Ladders’ weight And Height

The most important difference between these two ladders is their weight. This difference in weight can make a big impact on how easily and comfortably you can use the ladder.

Therefore, if you plan to use your ladder frequently, it is worth considering investing in a heavier model.

The other significant difference between these two ladders is their height. If you plan to use your ladder for extended periods, investing in a model with more outstanding height capabilities is worth investing.

Werner is always the best ladder to clean gutters because of its height, weight and safety.

On the other hand, Little giant is always the best ladders for exterior house painting.

The Werner Ladder

  • Our Selected Werner MT-26 costs a lot less.
  • The Werner MT-26 is not foldable.
  • It doesn’t have wheels.
  • The Werner ladder hasn’t levelers.

The Little Giant Ladder Model

  • The Little Giant 15426 costs high
  • The Little Giant 15426 is foldable.
  • Not like Werner ladder’s wheels
  • The LG ladder has levelers.

Major Similarities

  • Made of aluminum
  • Discussing both models have the same height of 26 feet.
  • Both ladders have a larger, extra wide flared base.
  • Two models have a silver body.

Comparison Chart For Werner MT-26 vs. Little Giant 15426 

Comparison Chart For Werner MT-26 vs. Little Giant 15426

Compare Table For Werner Ladder VS Little Giant

LaddersWerner MT-26Little Giant 15426
Size26 ft26 ft
Weight300 lbs300 lbs
Extension Min. Height13 ft.13 ft.
Extension Max. Height23 ft.23 ft.
Stepladder Height6ft. to 11ft.6 ft. 1 in. to 11 ft. 1 in.
Number of Positions4343
Height AdjustmentsShatter-Proof J-LocksRock Lock System
90-Degree Ladderavailableavailable
Staircase Positionavailableavailable
Scaffolding Positionavailableavailable
WheelsNot availableavailable
Slip-Resistant Feetavailableavailable
Product Dimensions80.5 x 31.5 x 8 inches79 x 31 x 8 inches
Weight93 pounds50 pounds
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

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Werner 17′ MT Multipurpose Ladder VS Little Giant 17′ Alta One Ladder

Werner 17′ MTLittle Giant 17′
Werner 17′ MT Multipurpose LadderLittle Giant Alta-One 17-ft Ladder
18-ft maximum reach in extension ladder position15-ft maximum reach in extension ladder position
300-lbs weight rating250-lbs weight rating both sides
Twin step ladderUp to 24 configurations.
Adjustable working heights or positions up to 20A-frame, staircase, extension ladder 
stairway step ladderextension ladder or 2-scaffold basestrestle-and-plank scaffolding

Final Thought

The Little Giant is a great Step ladder for elderly at your home. It is light and easy to carry around.

It has a wide base and can be used with any kind of surface that you need to climb on. Its aluminum construction makes it strong and long lasting.

The Werner brand has been known for making some quality ladders, but they are not always as popular as the Little Giant brand.

If you’re looking for a sturdy ladder that’s not too heavy, then I would recommend the Little Giant model over the Werner model. Which ladder do you think is better?