Werner Ladders VS Keller Ladders – Which One Is The Best?

A ladder is a loyal friend that helps us to complete domestic and industrial ladder applications, Such as ladder for painting, ladder for cleaning, ladder for tree trimming etc. There is always confusion that kills the buyer’s mind about which company ladder will provide the best support to the specific task. This process would be a hard thing if you are new in this industry.

However, Werner and Keller is a reputed ladder manufacturing company that has been ruling for a long time. While deciding any ladder brand between them, we stuck on which one is best. In this article, I will explain what ladder company is best and how much trust they can borrow from the customers.  

Werner Ladders VS Keller ladders

Keller and Werner’s ladder comes from the same company but different brands. There was a time when Keller ladders was an individual ladder manufacturer. 

Then Werner occupied the manufacturing and distribution rights from Keller. Honestly, Werner and Keller’s ladders are manufactured by the same company but with different build quality and brands. 

Does Werner Make Keller Ladders?

We know Werner ladders are the top product in the market. The Keller ladders also become trustworthy along with the Werner ladders. In 1999, the Keller ladder brand was sold to Werner Incorporate. They have brought that brand to add high-quality and top ladders to their index. 

In every way, they have taken the best decision to improve the business of Werner Incorporation. 

However, during this time Keller managed to create a loyal fan base among people. So people always stay in doubt about Keller ladders manufacturing as they come from the same company with different names. 

As we know Keller was occupied by Werner. So we can say that Werner makes the Keller ladder. 

But there is a thing that Werner kept the name as before they brought Keller. If they wanted to build a different type of ladder then why would they keep the name? The answer is Keller has a wide loyal customer base. 

Changing the name would make a negative impression on the business. They have also improved the quality of Keller ladders as they have done with the Werner ladder. In a nutshell, yes, Werner makes Keller ladders.

Are Keller Ladders Any Good?

Why wouldn’t they? They are the most popular ladder brand that managed to create a huge loyal fan base. Actually, Keller is a popular brand for making high-quality step ladders and step stools. The build quality quite damaged me when I got to use a Keller stepladder. 

In today’s world, house maintenance is a costly task that we want to do ourselves. In that case, step ladders are the best option to do versatile household chords. Like other ladders, Keller ladders come in Aluminum, fiberglass, and wooden form. 

So that you can use them according to the task. For example, you need to do a task that is related to electric power lines. At that point, an Aluminum ladder will be a bad choice. So you have to use a fiberglass ladder or a wooden ladder instead of metal.

Keller ladders are globally known as strong and durable lightweight step ladders. On the other hand, the quality of Keller ladders varies with price. But it will be best if you can choose according to your task.

The Keller K Pro Ladder

As we experienced before, Keller makes strong and durable ladders. In that professional ladder universe, K Pro is one of the most valuable ladders. It is a multipurpose ladder. Basically, multipurpose ladders work in different positions and styles in any situation. 

The multi-functional ability gives it transformation ability. However, this K Pro ladder can be converted into a step ladder, twin step ladder, scaffolding ladder, wall ladder, stairway step ladder, and an extension ladder. 

It is also adjustable in 13 different height positions. The ladder rungs have a rubber coat that prevents slipping. K Pro is a Type 1A and a professional heavy-duty ladder that is suitable for any industrial and domestic applications. 

On the other hand, the versatile ladder and the high-quality ladder build quality has made it strong and durable in rough weather and uneven surfaces. 

The Keller K Pro 26 Ladder

We already know the quality and features of K Pro ladders. According to this point of view, Keller K Pro 26 is a professional multipurpose ladder. Most of the information on this ladder is vested in the name. However, the K Pro 26 is a 26 ft multi-functional ladder. 

The maximum height is 25 ft in extension mode. It can be used as five different types of a ladder such as extension ladder, twin step ladder, wall ladder, scaffolding ladder, and stairway step ladder. This is a heavy-duty ladder that has every feature that it should have.  

However, K Pro 26 is widely used as a strong and durable multi-position ladder. It is also an OSHA and ANSI certified Type 1A ladder that can hold about 300 lbs weight. 

The rungs are well manufactured and engineered with slip-resistant rubber coating. So, you won’t slip from riding it or the ladder legs will not slip on the floor. Overall, I kind of love this ladder for its secure usability. 

Features of The Keller K Pro 26:

  • Multi-Position support
  • Can carry 300 lbs weight on both sides in twin step ladder mode
  • Provide more than 25 ft height top of the ladder in extension mode
  • Rungs have a slip-resistant rubber coating
  • Serve in five different positions
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Strong and durable build
  • Manufactured with Aluminum metal
  • Lightweight and bad weather resistance
  • Wide ladder leg support provides stability while working on top height

Werner Multi-Position Ladders

Werner is a top-notch ladder manufacturing company. They have gained quite a demandable reputation among customers. The multipurpose ladders are made that easy for them.

However, they have plenty of multipurpose or multi-position ladders that are suitable for industrial and domestic applications. Every multi-position ladder is capable of changing into different positions and Werner is not different from them. 

Here I have explained the two best Werner multiposition ladders and their capabilities. Hope you might experience new and exciting things about multi-purpose ladders. 

The Almp Aluminum Series Multi-Max Position Ladders:

The ALMP is basically heavy-duty ladders. They are certified with type IAA duty ratings. So they can carry up to 375 lbs weight limit. On the other hand, ALMP ladders come with a modern pro-focused design with accessories to extend the usability. Read the post for all ladders accessories

There are only two models such as 24IAA and 20IAA available in the ALMP series. Werner ensures that the 24IAA ladders can be converted into 34 different positions. On the other hand, 20IAA ladders can be converted into 25 different positions. 

That means these two types of ladder can be a loyal hand tools helper in your professional contractors, industrial or domestic multi-tasking.  

The Mt-00IAA Aluminum Series Multi-Position Ladders:

The MT-00IAA series is famous for its huge position-changing capability. This series has four types of ladders. 

All of them are multi-positional. According to the ANSI and OSHA certificates, this heavy-duty ladder has a load capacity of 275 lbs. That makes it usable in every industrial application and household tasks for homeowners. 

However, we can use this series of ladders in different positions. In case of heavy working, this feature helps the most. You might be frightened about the ladder weight. Actually, they are lightweight and easy for carrying. 

Are Werner ladders any good?

Werner ladders are not good but the best in this industry. The basics of the best ladder manufacturing company lie in several things, for example, versatility, pro design, lightweight and sturdy build, durability, etc. Werner made every kind of ladder that makes the customer happy. 

However, they have from lightweight ladders to heavyweight ladders for domestic and industrial uses. According to my personal experience, I am satisfied with the quality of the ladder. So I can ensure Werner ladders are one of the best in the current ladder manufacturing market.

Are multiple position ladders worth the extra cost? 

Without any doubt, the multiple-position ladders are worth the extra cost. Actually, maintaining a separate ladder for separate applications is not a wise idea. Usually, ladders are big things that need extra space and effort to store. 

On the other hand, an A-frame ladder would be better for an extension ladder to clean the gutter. And you can use an extension ladder to reach the rooftop. But an A-frame ladder is limited in height and won’t reach the rooftop. 

So, you have to buy two separate ladders to complete both applications. However, you can reduce the pain by purchasing a multiple-position ladder. 

Because it is convertible in multiple positions such as extension, step, a-frame, scaffolding, etc. Honestly, a multi-position ladder is an all-in-one solution for every ladder application and worth the cost.

Which company ladder is best?

That is a tricky question. Every company is best in its intentions. But as a customer, we have to be careful while buying a product for lifetime. 

However, in the ladder market, there are several companies such as:


All gain the reputation and trust of the customer to become a great choice for ladder brands. 

Little Giant and Werner are two famous companies that have been making ladders for a long time. In recent times, they have made the best product that people are using most. But before coming to any conclusion, we need to focus on many things before declaring any company the best.

However, according to the customer feedback, build quality, metal, durability and lightweightness Little giant and Werner is the best ladder company in the market. Check the post for little giant weight capacity.

Final Thought For Werner Ladders VS Keller ladders

As we know Keller was an independent company that was acquired by Werner. But the mother company decided to keep the Keller name to its product. In that point of view, Keller is better in the step ladder or step stool category. 

On the other hand, Werner is better for multi-purpose, scaffolding, telescopic, and a-frame ladders. 

Bottom Line

Werner and Keller are under the Werner mother company. The reputation of Keller ladders is attached to the name. So the mother company keeps the name to make happy and loyal customers. Before using ladder maintain safety and insurance

Honestly, they have become successful in that situation. So the best answer for the debut is Keller and Werner are best in their own universe.